West Bengal Transport Workers Social Security Scheme

The West Bengal government (ministry of labour) started a social security and welfare scheme for workers of the transport industry. In which workers will receive pension, which will give a social security to the transport worker of the state. Accordingly government started the scheme under the name “West Bengal transport worker social security scheme”. It started in state from 13th August 2010. It applies to all unorganised workers uses automobiles  for commercial purposes, namely, cars, taxies, luxury taxis, light commercial vehicles, vans, auto-rickshaws, tempos, lorries, trucks, bus etc. The Main Objective beyond the scheme is to gives financial security to the workers of West Bengal from Accidental Damage, Physical Disabilities, Major Dieses, and Educational help to the Children of workers, financial help for marriage etc.

Benefits of the Scheme:

  1. Pension on attaining the age of 60 years will get 750/- p.m. with an increase of Rs 10/- for each completed year
  2. Financial benefit of Rs 1,50,000/- in case of Accidental Death and permanent disablement and will get Rs 50,000/- only in case of Normal Death of the worker
  3. A worker, if hospitalized for five or more days due to an accident is assisted will get Rs 400/- per day for the first five days up to a maximum of Rs 10,000/- and will get Rs 200/per day for the remaining period of hospitalization
  4. Financial relief up to a maximum of Rs 20,000/- per annum per person for treatment of major dieses like TB, Cancer, Leprosy, Heart Diseases, Kidney Dysfunction, AIDS or Thalassemia, Varicose Vein, Eye ailment requiring hospitalization and treatment
  5. Maternity benefit of Rs 6000/- is allowed to a worker on successful delivery of a child or miscarriage by such worker or his wife up to two times
  6. Financial help for education of a maximum of two children of a worker of Rs. 4000/- for Higher Secondary/ Diploma; and Rs 6000/- for Graduation / Diploma; and Rs 8000/- for Post-Graduation; and Rs. 30,000/- for Engineering/ Medical
  7. Financial help for marriage of Rs 10,000/- is allowed to a worker for marriage of the beneficiary or for son/daughter up to two times
  8. Benefits in case of permanent disability from any accident is allowed to a worker in the following manner:

Loss of one hand from the elbow:                      Rs 25,000/
Loss of one leg from the knee:                            Rs 25,000/
Loss of one eye:                                                    Rs 25,000/
Loss of total hearing capacity – one ear:           Rs 25,000/
Loss of thumb:                                                      Rs 9,000/
Loss of any other finger:                                      Rs 4,000/-.


  1. It applies to all Transport workers, between the age of 18 and 60 years
  2. Transport worker driving automobiles vehicle used for commercial purposes namely cars, taxies, luxury taxis, light commercial vehicles, vans, auto-rickshaws, tempos, lorries, trucks, bus, etc. but other than those solely owned by an individual for his personal or family use

Document Required:

  1. Residential Proof (Electricity bill, gas connection bill, water bill)
  2. Permanent Residence in West Bengal
  3. Identity proof (election card, Aadhar Card)
  4. Bank Detail (MICR No., IFSC No., Account no, Branch name)
  5. Driving license of Vehicle
  6. Form – I (Application for Enrolment as a beneficiary under WBTWSSS)
  7. Form – IIA (Identity card of Beneficiary)
  8. Passport size Photo

Application form:

  1. To apply for this scheme, the worker has to submit the application form to the Registering authority of labour Department with all required document. All applicants should have to pay Rs 30/- At the time of registration

Contact Detail:

  1. The Registering Authority of Labour Department of West Bengal

Reference and Detail:

For more detail regarding documents and for other help please visit official site:

  1. https://www.wblc.gov.in/transport
  2. https://www.employmentbankwb.gov.in/social_security_scheme.php
  3. http://bit.ly/29twrDC


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