Widow Remarriage – ‘Mangalya’ Scheme

The Widow Remarriage – ‘Mangalya’ Scheme is the scheme started by the government of Kerala for encouraging widow women for remarriage.  As compared to widow man percentage of widow women is more in Kerala state. Out of the entire population of the state, the percentage of male widow’s are only 3.5%  and the percentage of female widows are 11. 58  and state government needs to maintain the proportion of males widowed and women widowed and due to this reason Kerala government launched ‘Mangalya’ scheme for widowed women. The primary aim of this scheme is to encourage widow for remarriage. The scheme helps to maintain the ratio of the total male population of widowed to the female population of widowed and this may affect the overall level of care and support they get from family.

Benefits of Widow Remarriage – ‘Mangalya’ Scheme:

  • The scheme will provide financial assistance to the widowed
  • Kerala government will provide financial assistance of Rs. 25, 000 for eligible widow and divorced women

Eligibility for Widow Remarriage – ‘Mangalya’ Scheme:

  1. Applicant must be the resident of Kerala state government
  2. All widowed women are eligible for this scheme
  3. During the time of getting the benefits of this scheme applicant must have remarriage certificate
  4. Women belonging to the age group of 18 – 50 yrs who are legally divorced and widowed are eligible

  Documents required for applying Widow Remarriage – ‘Mangalya’ Scheme :

  1. Residence Proof e.g. certificate from residence authority Aadhar Card
  2. BPL card or Ration card
  3. Identity proof (Adhar Card, Election card)
  4. Proof of first marriage
  5. Death certificate of the first husband
  6. Birth certificate in the form of school leaving certificate
  7. Remarriage certificate proof

Whom to contact and where to contact for getting the benefits of this scheme:

  1. You can contact to Director of social welfare and justice department in Kerala

References & details:

  1. If you want more information related to scheme you can contact to Social Justice Department
  2. http://www.swd.kerala.gov.in/index.php/women-a-child-development/schemes–programmes-/women-state-/192?task=view


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