Women Helpline Scheme (WHS)

For the past few years there is a huge increase in the crime rate against women’s in the society. Crime is not only in the form of harassment or something. Women is threatened everywhere. From eve teasing, chain snatching, acid attacks, domestic violence to sexual harassment at work place. Today women feels much unsecured and thus to make her feel comfortable Police department came up with a tech solution. They launched an initiative called “Help Emergency Assistance Rescue Terminal” (HEART) with which whoever women register herself with the service will have a toll free number (181) and whenever required, a woman has to call on that number and immediately the software led application will track the person and police will reach the spot within 2 minutes. Since its launching HEART reported many complaints and is helping women’s out there faithfully.

Benefits of Women Helpline Scheme:

  • Help at any place: With the help of HEART the help is provided to any lady in trouble within 2 min and on spot with the help of tracking mechanism of the app.
  • Single call instant help: While using the app the woman does not even has to speak, as soon as call gets connected to the number tracking starts and police is there.
  • Alert message to the close one: With police, women’s family person will also get notified about the help request she raised.
  • The scheme does not only stop here. Further Ministry of Women & Child Development is planning to provide many services online like Sexual Health guidance, Home management skills, Women Empowerment facilities and more.

Eligibility of Women Helpline Scheme:

There is no eligibility for this scheme. Only the requirement is that the lady should register herself at the service center for the service so that at the time of help right person gets notified.

Whom to contact for the scheme:

The main functioning body in the scheme is Police department. Visit any nearest police station and gather all the required information and register too.

For more details please read this official ministry report:



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