Yantra Lakshmi Scheme Telangana: Tractor subsidy/loan scheme eligibility, documents required & how to apply

The Telangana Government has launched a tractor subsidy/loan scheme for farmers in the state. Under the scheme the state government will provide subsidy along with loan for purchasing tractors. Farm Mechanization Scheme will provide 50% subsidy for the purchasing tractors and other farm equipments along with loan for reaming 50%. The scheme is implemented in association with the center for the Mechanization of Agriculture.

Yantra Lakshmi Scheme Telangana: Benefits

  • 50% subsidy on the tractor purchase for individual farmers and co-operative societies
  • Loans from the nationalized banks for remaining 50% amount
  • Three matching equipments mentioned below including trailer are included in the subsidy
    • Rotators
    • Mini Tractors
    • Power Weeders
    • Trans planters
  • Under the scheme if the tractor costs Rs. 10 lakh then the farmers will get it for Rs. 5 lakh only and for remaining 5 lakh farmers can apply for the loan from the nationalized banks
  • For SC/ST farmers 100% subsidy will be provided for the purchase of tractor along with trolleys and matching equipments

Yantra Lakshmi Scheme Telangana: Eligibility / Who can apply?

  • Farmers who are residents of the state Telangana only can apply for the scheme
  • Progressive individual farmers and co-operative societies can apply for the scheme
  • Farmers who posses 6 acres i.e. 2.51 hectors or more land can apply for the scheme
  • Small and marginal farmers will be given priority

The Telangana government has decided to distribute 3,900 tractors in 2018. The center government has given a budget of Rs. 14.89 crore for the scheme out of which Rs. 3 crores is already spent on the scheme. The objective of the scheme is to help farmers and reduced their costs. The scheme is expected to increase farmers income and reduce their expenses on the labor. Tractors will save time and help get work done faster for farmers in the state.

Yantra Lakshmi Scheme: Step by step application procedure

STEP 1: The application forms for the scheme is available at all the Zonal Officers or Incharge of sub-depot in the state, interested farmers and co-operative societies need to fill in the forms

STEP 2: Attach the land records to the application form

STEP 3: Submit the form along with the documents to the Zonal Officers or Incharge of sub-depot

Upon submission the verification and scrutiny will be done and the selection of beneficiaries will be done at the district levels. Applicants can contact the Zonal Officers or Incharge of sub-depot to check the status of their application for Yantra Lakshmi Scheme.

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  1. It is not crystal clear program
    None of our village doesn’t know how to get benefited of the scheme and don’t know how to apply for the scheme
    And I think if government wants to implement programs like this first educate people in village then implement it
    Yes this scheme is good but benefited people are not the real one
    Now it became useless scheme
    Rich become rich that’s it

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