Zero-Waste Scheme Kerala: a mission to become garbage free state

The Government of Kerala has announced a scheme to make the state garbage free. The scheme is called as Zero-Waste Scheme. The government`s mission is to become zero waste state. The government wants citizens to decompose the waste at the sources only so that there wont be overflowing landfills in the state.

Overflowing landfills of waste and garbage from cities has become huge problem across the country resulting in smell and health issues in the surrounding areas. We have seen many such agitations from the villages where the garbage from the cities are dumped.

Prime Minister`s Swacha Bharat initiative too is falling short on it mission of clean India. Hence the Zero-Waste Scheme Kerala aims to decompose the garbage at the source only instead of just segregation. The state will be providing a zero-waste management system to the citizens and a team of green technicians will install composting facilities at the residences in the state. It will be a three layered bin and 30 liter coco peat based inoculum to compost their organic waste. A nominal cost will be charge for the kit and green technicians will provide assistance at a nominal charge of Rs. 200. The compost can be used by the residents or green technicians will collect the compost if they dont need it.

The Kerala Government is spreading a message of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle in the state to make people understand how to reduce the waste. The scheme will be rolled out through out the state in the phased manner. It will start with Ernakulam district along with Paravur and Perumbavoor district in the North.

Highlights of Kerala Zero-Waste Scheme:

  • A scientific waste management scheme by the Government of Kerala
  • A better way to Clean India Mission
  • Citizens are required to decompose the waste at source
  • A zero-waste kit to be distributed which will decompose the organic waste
  • Team of green technicians to help install the kit
  • Kit will cost a nominal fees


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