Aspire Scholarship Scheme for Research

The Aspire Scholarship scheme for research is started by Kerala government (Directorate of Collegiate Education) for the regular postgraduate/ M.Phil and Ph.D. students giving the exposure to students at National Level Research Institutions and to interact with eminent scholars to do the short-term research projects in the reputed institutions within the country other than their parent colleges

Benefits of Aspire Scholarship Scheme for Postgraduate/M.Phil/Ph.D. Students:

  • The Aspire Scholarship scheme for research provides benefits to students in terms of financial assistance to complete the research at a national level research institution. Structure of financial assistance is mention below
  • The selected candidates will be awarded a scholarship amount of Rs. 8,000/- per month within the state
  • The selected candidates will be awarded a scholarship amount of Rs. 10,000/- per month outside the state
  • 20% seats are reserved for SC/ST category

Required eligibility and conditions for applying Aspire Scholarship Scheme for Research:

  1. The applying candidates should be studying postgraduate/M.Phil and Ph.D. in govt. or Govt. aided colleges under the Universities of Kerala, Calicut, MG, and Kannur
  2. The candidates of University department are not entitled to apply for Aspire scholarship
  3. The short-term research projects have to be undertaken under the supervision of a scholar who should be a permanent faculty in the host institution
  4. The students who are currently a part of UGC/ CSIR/ JRF and SRF awards are not eligible to apply
  5. On completion of the period of the scholarship, the students must submit the attendance statement from the host institute along with their project report for release of scholarship amount
  6. The institutions should confirm that the student has minimum 85% attendance and regularly good academic record for the particular course, not below Grade-B

Duration of Scholarship:

  1. For a maximum period of one month for postgraduate students
  2. For a maximum period of two months for M.Phil
  3. Up to four 4 months for Ph.D. students

Application procedure and documents required for applying Aspire Scholarship Scheme for Research:

  1. A written proposal of the work planned
  2. A letter of acceptance from the host institution and supervisor
  3. Consent of the guide in the parent institution and their recommendation of the student for the award
  4. Consent letter from HoD (Head of Department)/Principal mentioning Period, Institution, External Guide etc. of the Project work Synopsis of the Project Work (not less than 4 pages)
  5. A brief curriculum vitae of student
  6. A brief bio-data of scholar with whom the student is going to study

Application procedure:

  1. Scholarship scheme for research, the applications can be submitted in the college of the students
  2. For aspiring, the submitted proposal by the Postgraduate students will be assessed by a committee constituted by the Principal
  3. Final list of names of two students should be forwarded to the Director of Collegiate Education along with the research proposals submitted
  4. The proposal should have the written consent of the guide in the college and in the host institution
  5. The list of names of M.Phil and Ph.D. students may be submitted in the order of priority, with the research proposals and consent letters

Whom to contact and where to contact:

  1. Students may contact to college where they are pursuing education or students can contact to Kerala University

References & details:

  1. For more details regarding documents and other help please visit official website:


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