Buffalo Distribution Scheme (BDS) Telangana: farmers to get buffalo on 50% subsidy | Eligibility & benefits

The Chief Minister of Telangana Shree K Chandrashekhar Rao has approved Buffalo Distribution Scheme (BDS) for Telangana farmers. The buffalo`s will be given at the subsidy of 50% to all the farmers in the state. The objective of the schemes is to empower farmers and provide them alternate means for earning apart from farming. The buffalo distributions will also increase milk production in the state and also expected to increase meat exports from the state. The scheme is expected to cost Rs. 800 crores to the state. The similar scheme of goat distribution to Yadava and Kurma communities has been a major success. Rs. 5000 crore was spent on the Sheep Distribution Scheme (SDS) for Telangana farmers.

Objectives of Buffalo Distribution Scheme (BDS):

  • Empower farmers
  • Provide alternate means of earning apart from farming
  • Increase farmer income
  • Increase milk production
  • Increase meat production in the state
  • Stop farmers suicides

Buffalo Distribution Scheme (BDS) Benefits:

  • 50% subsidy on buffalos
  • Farmers just need to pay Rs. 40,000 for the buffalo which costs Rs. 80,000, rest of the amount will be paid by the government
  • Alternate source of income for farmers
  • 2 lakh buffalos will be distributed under the scheme

Eligibility / Who can apply? All the modalities are yet to be declared. The scheme is for farmers who has agricultural land in the Telangana state are eligible.

Buffalo Distribution Scheme (BDS): Highlights & Implementation

  • 50%  subsidy on the buffalos for farmers in Telangana
  • The scheme to cost Rs. 800 crores to the farmers
  • CM Shree K Chandrashekhar Rao approved the scheme
  • Telangana animal husbandry minister Talasani Srinivas Yadav announced the scheme
  • 2 lakh farmers to be benefited from the scheme
  • Rs. 100 crores are spent every year to provide Rs. 4 per liter incentives to the farmers on the milk they supply
  • Government to promote meat export
  • A market yard will be setup in 200 acres in the outskirts of the city
  • Government to take several steps to boast sale of Vijaya Milk
  • Mission Kakatiya: 80 crores fish seeds will be given to the fishermen in the state to revive 46,000 lakes
  • 50,000 two-wheelers and 2,000 three-wheelers to be given to fishermen at 75% subsidy for selling fish
  • 150 fish outlets and open fish market mandals to be setup in Hyderabad
  • 58 lakhs sheep are distributed amongst farmers
  • 200 mobile vans to provide health care to sheep across the state
  • 2,132 veterinary hospitals also will be setup
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