How to get gap certificate?

What is gap certificate?

Many students take a drop from their education for one or more years due to various reasons. In such cases when they want to resume their studies/education they need to submit an Affidavit to the college/university. In the affidavit they need to state that they did not take admission to any other college or courses during the drop year(s) . They also need to mention the reason for taking a gap during the course. It is also called as gap year affidavit. The reasons for taking a drop (gap certificate) can be anything such as:

  1. Personal reasons
  2. Health reasons
  3. To prepare for the entrance examinations
  4. To get better scores in the qualifying examinations
  5. To persuasive hobbies or sports
  6. The most popular these days and is a fashion is to drop-out to start their own venture like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg & Bill Gates etc

Where to get Gap Certificate or Gap Affidavit?

Gap certificate or Gap Affidavit is your declaration on the non-judicial stamp paper stating the reason for taking gap and declaration that you did not take admission to any other college, university or courses during the gap year. You can buy stamp certificates from any notary, sub-registrar offices, courts. Stamp paper of Rs. 100 is ideal for such purposes but most of the times they are not available so you can use Rs. 500 stamp paper as well. You can contact advocates or notary desks nearby, they will take nominal charges for preparation of the gap certificates and sign in front of them.

Gap Certificate Format:

Most of the college admission brochures have a Gap Certificate Format otherwise you can ask your collage/university for the same and they should provide you a format for the Gap Year Certificate. Advocates & notary desks located near government offices/courts too have the Gap Certificate Format. Find some of the Gap Certificate formats below:Gap certificate format


Gap certificate format

Gap certificate format

Gap certificate format

Gap affidavit format


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