Chokher Alo Scheme, West Bengal

To provide free eye care services to everyone in the state majorly covering the poor and elderly people

On January 5, 2021, CMO Mamata Banerjee launched ‘Chokher Alo Scheme’ for the entire state of West Bengal. Under this scheme, the West Bengal government will provide eye care, spectacles and cataract operations for free. This is a health scheme launched by the state for everyone in the state. Around 20 lakh poor and aged individuals will benefit in the state from the scheme majorly with respect to cataract surgeries. Spectacles will be distributed to the individuals for free as well as free eye check ups will be conducted for the college students in the state.

Scheme Overview:

Scheme name:Chokher Alo Scheme
Scheme Under:West Bengal Government
Launched by:CMO Mamata Banerjee
Launch Date:January 5, 2021
Beneficiaries:Everyone across the state
Benefit:Free eye care, eye check-up, spectacles and cataract surgeries for next 5 years
Objective:To provide free eye care services to everyone in the state majorly covering the poor and elderly people

List of scheme lunched by West Bengal Government

Objectives and Benefits:

  • The main objective of the scheme is to protect and cover the residents in the state
  • Under this scheme people will provide eye check-up, spectacles and cataract surgeries for free
  • It will mainly benefit the poor and elderly people
  • The mandatory eye check-up will prevent many eye issues or at least help in timely detection of the same
  • Due to this free check-up and other services even, the poor people will be able to take care of their eye issues and eye health which would be otherwise ignored due to financial problems
  • This scheme aims to enable to maintain a balance of life and health of the people across the state

Scheme Details:

  • West Bengal government started Chokher Alo scheme on January 5, 2021 for everyone in the state
  • This scheme launch was launched by CMO West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee
  • This scheme is launched for next 5 years
  • Under this scheme cataract surgeries will be provided to the patients for free across the state
  • It will also provide free eye check-up to the college students which will be benefit about a total of 10 lakh students
  • Free spectacles will also be provided under this scheme thereby benefiting about 8.25 lakh people
  • In all this scheme tends to benefit about 20 lakh poor and elderly people in the state
  • Eye check-up and eye care will help the beneficiaries with timely detection in case of any eye issues or problems
  • It will thereby help to maintain the health of the eyes
  • More than 300 eye surgeons and ophthalmologists are appointed for implementing this scheme’
  • In the first phase about 1200 villages and 120 primary health centres in towns and cities were covered for eye treatment
  • In the following phases remaining villages and cities will be covered


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