Dhirubhai Ambani Stanford Scholarship – MBA Scholarship

Reliance Industries Limited generously created the Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship Program to support Indian nationals living in India who need financial assistance in obtaining an MBA at Stanford. The Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship Program provides future Indian leaders with the educational foundation for effecting positive change in India. Fellows return to India to lead organizations that are at the forefront of growth and development in the rapidly emerging Indian economy. The financial aid will be provided by Reliance Industries Limited and it is an MBA Scholarship for Indian Students offered for a period of 2 years. After finishing MBA at Stanford University, the fellows have to return to India for a period of two years to work in an Indian organization.

Benefits of the Dhirubhai Ambani Stanford Scholarship:

Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship offers the following benefits to the fellows selected for the fellowship

  • Amount of fellowship: The total worth of the fellowship for a single year is USD 1,50,000 (approximate 96,14,250 INR)
  • Period of the fellowship: The fellowship will be offered for a period of 2 years.
  • Upon their return to India, Reliance Dhirubhai Fellows are integral members of Stanford University, Stanford GSB, and Reliance Dhirubhai Fellows communities.

Required Eligibility and Conditions for Applying Dhirubhai Ambani Stanford Scholarship:

  1. The applicant needs to be a resident of India
  2. The applicant should be a graduate while having a post graduate degree will be a plus point
  3. No work experience is required i.e. students can enroll directly from an undergraduate or graduate program without full-time work experience.
  4. The applicant must have a valid score of any of the following exams
  • JEE or CAT: The candidate needs to present a score of either of the above exam.
  • GMAT & GRE: A valid score of GMAT & GRE is required for the admission. There is no minimum requirement of the score.
  • IELTS, PTE or TOEFL Score

Documents Required for Applying Dhirubhai Ambani Stanford Scholarship:

  1. Resume
  2. Awards and Honours (Academic or Social or Both),
  3. Employment History
  4. Finalists have to submit two letter of recommendation
  5. A 250-word essay and individual financial information
  6. JEE or CAT & GMAT and GRE & TOEFL score card

Application Procedure:                       

  1. The candidates who are willing to apply for the scholarship need to register themselves on the website of the fellowship program.
  2. To fill an application applicant can also visit following website: https://stanfordgsbapps.secure.force.com/public?pan=adm&program=fellowship#reliance
  3. The pre-application process is free of charge for prospective Reliance Dhirubhai Fellows. If they are selected as a finalist their application fee to the Stanford MBA Program also will be waived
  4. After initial registration, candidates need to log into their account and fill the required information in the various sections of the application portal.
  5. While making the application the candidate needs to upload their resume on the website.
  6. Just the online application form has to be completed in order to complete the submission of the application form. No printed documents or application form is to be sent to Stanford GSB.

Contact Details:   

  1. For more information applicant can contact to following address: MBA Admissions Office, McClelland Bldg., Stanford Graduate School of Business, 655 Knight Way, Stanford, CA 94305-7298, USA
  2. Phone No: +1 (650) 723-2766
  3. Fax: +1 (650) 725-7831

References & Details:

  1. For more information regarding Dhirubhai Ambani Stanford Scholarship: https://www.gsb.stanford.edu/programs/mba/financial-aid/international-students/stanford-reliance-dhirubhai-fellowship
  2. https://stanfordgsbapps.secure.force.com/public?pan=adm&program=fellowship#reliance

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