Farm Loan Waiver Scheme Chhattisgarh: Farmer`s short-term crop loans waived off

The newly appointed CM Chhattisgarh Bhupesh Baghel announced Farm Loan Waiver Scheme for farmers in the state. Short-term crop loans will be waived off under the scheme. The loan waiver will cost Rs. 6,100 crores to the government & 16 lakh 65 thousand farmers will be benefited with the loan waiver.

Farm loan waiver was the election promise of the Congress Party. The party president Rahul Gandhi had announced that with-in 10 days of the government formation the farmer`s loans will be waived off if the Congress party comes to power in the state.

Farm Loan Waiver Scheme Benefits:

  • Farm loans from cooperative and rural development banks are waived off
  • Crop loans from the private banks are under consideration & the government will soon take a decision on the same

Eligibility / Who can apply for CH farm loan waiver scheme?

  • Applicable only in Chhattisgarh
  • Only farmers in the state can apply
  • Applicable only for the crop loans

Better Minimum Support Price (MSP) for Paddy:

  • The newly formed government has announced an MSP of Rs. Rs. 2,500 per quintal for paddy
  • The amount includes bonus to be paid to the farmers for their paddy
  • The bonus will be fixed amount per quintal for paddy

The bonus & better MSP for paddy also was a poll promise of the Congress Party. The CM Baghel made an announcement of both the important decision while addressing public after taking auth. Post that first cabinet meeting happened & official orders were signed for loan waiver as well as new MSP for paddy.


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