Govt. to Start Petrol & Diesel Home Delivery Scheme Soon

The government will soon start Petrol & Diesel Home Delivery. After starting of this scheme consumers will get Petrol and Diesel Home Delivery. The government will start this scheme to save the time of consumers and to remove waiting system and line for diesel and petrol. Under the scheme, consumers will buy petrol and diesel for their four wheeler and two-wheelers from their home.

“This would increase the number of digital transactions and would become more comfortable for consumers. Besides, it would cut long queues at fuel stations as the same would be delivered at consumers’ doorsteps,” an industry source said.

Highlights of Petrol & Diesel Home Delivery Scheme

  • A government will soon available Home Delivery of Diesel & Petrol.
  • Under this scheme, consumers can save their time.
  • Consumers will not stand in lines to buy petrol & Diesel.
  • Around 35 crore people will come daily at Petrol Pumps to buy diesel & petrol.
  • 2500 crore Rupees has transacted in a year on Petrol Pumps.
  • India is 3rd rank in the world to consume petrol & diesel.
  • A government will also start a scheme to change petrol & diesel prices daily.

According to the plan, consumers can book fuel online, which will be delivered directly to their houses by the oil marketing companies. At present, about 38,128 retail outlets in the country have point-of-sale machines and over 86 percent have the digital infrastructure. After demonetisation, oil marketing companies are giving a 0.75 per cent discount on cashless transactions, while over 72,000 e-wallets have also been activated.

“This is one step ahead on our roadmap, as it may give consumers additional benefits of digital transactions. However, details of the rollout are yet to be finalized,” the government officials said. Oil marketing companies have conducted about 35,000 consumer awareness campaigns to promote digital transactions since the old high-value notes seized to be a legal tender.

The service of the people they will go to launch the Mini Petrol Pump that will be delivered the same through the Tanker. So this would help to spend so much time at the petrol pump.  They also said that this project is secure. This project will be verified by the Regional security regulator, Petroleum, and Explosive security Organization.

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