Mahabank Kisan Tatkal Scheme Loan for Farmers

Mahabank Kisan tatkal scheme is launched by the national bank for agriculture and rural development and implemented by the government of Maharashtra. Mahabank tatkal scheme gives an instant credit to the farmer community to meet an emergency requirement for agriculture. Bank of Maharashtra offers term loan to existing Kisan Credit Card holders. Mahabank Kisan tatkal scheme benefit to fulfill their immediate credit requirements for agriculture. The scheme mahabank Kisan tatkal scheme only for those farmers who are Kisan credit card holder. Kisan tatkal scheme is giving loan to farmer minimum Rs. 5000 to maximum Rs. 50,000. The bank gives more duration of time to repay the loan. The farmer can get three years for installation of the loan. Under this scheme, Individual Farmers and Joint borrowers (not exceeding 4 farmers) who are existing KCC holders having satisfactory track record at least for two years are eligible to get mahabank Kisan tatkal scheme loan

Benefits of Mahabank Kisan Tatkal Scheme:

  • Farmers get loan Rs. 5000 to 50,000
  • Farmers get instant tatkal loan on this scheme
  • Longer repayment time for installation of loan
  • Minimum processing and paperwork

Objective of Mahabank Kisan Tatkal Scheme:   

  1. To give instant credit for farming community to meet emergency requirements

Eligibility for Mahabank Kisan Tatkal Scheme:

  1. Individual farmer
  2. Joint holder, not more than four farmers are eligible
  3. A person who is Kisan credit card holder is eligible for this scheme

Document for Mahabank Kisan Tatkal Scheme:

  1. Loan application form
  2. Applicant required identity proof such as PAN card, passport, driving license, voter card
  3. Applicant required 7/12
  4. Address proof such as passport, electricity or telephone bill, ration card etc.
  5. No dues certificate of financial institution

Application procedure:

  1. You may contact nearest branches of the bank who engaged in agricultural advance
  2. You may even talk to the marketing officers visiting village
  3. you may go to the nearest branch of nationalizing bank with all documents

References & details:

  1. For more details about Mahabank Kisan Tatkal scheme visit following link


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