Now, Generate Solar Power and Sell it too-A Initiative by Government of Maharashtra

People who have installed solar rooftop photovoltaic (PV) system can now sell power to distribution companies. Today, anyone can set up a solar system with a capacity of 1KW to 1MW on a rooftop space, but not sell it. The Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission’s (MERC) latest guidelines state that installation of net-metering system at the site will connect it to grid via distribution companies. The regulations were long awaited. This will boost solar or green power generation across the state and encourage people to install solar rooftop systems,” said Jaideep Malaviya, president of the Solar Thermal Federation of India (STFI). While Karnataka was the first state to allow connecting solar power to the grid, states such as Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Kerala and Madhya Pradesh followed suit early this year. MERC guidelines state: “With new meters to be installed, eligible applicants can get credits for their solar power and adjust them against their normal bills for electricity supplied by respective distribution companies anywhere in the state. Experts suggest that the most viable scenario for those who install solar rooftop system would be to take experts’ help in identifying appropriate no-shadow areas on their rooftop and the ideal capacity – which they would be able to consume.

Benefits of Policy on generation of power through solar energy:

  • The Maharashtra State Electricity Board (MSEB) will purchase power generated from solar energy at the rate of Rs. 2.25 per unit
  • 5% increase in the tariff will be granted each year for the first 10 years
  • The tariff will remain fixed for next 3 years and the remaining 7 years 5% increase in tariff rate shall be given

Required eligibility and conditions for applying Scheme for Policy on generation of power through solar energy:

  1. The solar PV system will be installed only on the rooftop or any mounting structure by the consumer
  2. All consumer who interested to install a solar PV system less than 1 MW is eligible for getting connectivity
  3. Solar generation system may be owned and operated by consumer itself or any organization which give these system on lease to consumer
  4. The capacity of all Rooftop Solar PV system will not be exceed 40% of its rated capacity
  5. An eligible consumer may install or enhance the capacity of or upgrade the rooftop Solar PV systems at different locations within same premises, however the total capacity of such systems within the same premises shall not exceed the individual capacity

Document required for applying Scheme for Policy on generation of power through solar energy:

  1. Copy of the latest paid electricity bill
  2. General Power of Attorney in favour of signatory in case of Partnership Firms; certified true copy of the Resolution, authorizing the signatory to deal with the concerned Distribution Licensee, passed by the Board of Directors in case of Companies (as applicable)
  3. Technical details of PV modules, Inverter and other equipment of system proposed to be installed
  4. Proof of payment of Registration Fee

Application Procedure:

  1. A consumer intending to set up a Roof-top Solar Net Metering System or who has already installed such a System may download the Application Form from the MSEDCL’s website and submit it, duly filled, along with technical details of the System to the concerned office of MSEDCL along with registration fee, or apply and pay the fee online
  2. Duly filled Application Form, in prescribed format, shall be submitted to the office of the respective nodal officer/ authorities authorized for billing along with requisite Processing Fees (non-refundable) and certified true copies of the documents as may be required /informed from time to time as under
  3. MSEDCL’s concerned office shall register the Application in separate register on first come first basis and acknowledge its receipt within three working days; or intimate the Applicant within that period of any deficiency or incompleteness

Contact Details:

  1. Applicant students can visit nearer MSEB office for more information
  2. The application can visit following address: MSEDCL offices, Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Comapny Limited. Hongkong Bank Building, M.G. Road, Fort, Mumbai-400001
  3. Phone No : 022-22619100/22619200/22619300
  4. Fax No:022-22619699

References & Details:

  1. For more details regarding documents and other help please visit official website

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