Rotary Peace Fellowship

Rotary Peace Fellowship is for those individuals who are working in the field of international relations, peace and conflict resolution. The Rotary Foundation invites applications from fellows who are willing to pursue Masters or Certificate programs at various Rotary Peace Centres located in various countries around the world. There are total 100 awards available, out of which 50 slots are for Master’s degree, and 50 slots are for the certificate course. Through training, study, and practice, Rotary Peace Fellows become leaders and catalysts for peace and conflict resolution; many go on to careers in national governments, NGOs, the military, law enforcement, and international organizations like the United Nations and World Bank. Complete details of all of the Rotary Peace Centers and the application process can be found here. .Under The Rotary Peace Fellowship, the following two programs are offered, and candidates can apply for any one of them:

  • Master’s Degree: Duration of the program is 15-25 months depending on the institution.
  • Professional Development Certificate: Duration of the certificate program is three months.

Benefits of the Rotary Peace Fellowship:

  1. The benefit of Fellowship: The Rotary Peace Fellowship offers a fully paid fellowship for the entire duration of the academic program selected.
  2. Number of Scholarships: Total 100 fellowships are available, out of which 50 slots are there for Master’s Program and 50 slots are there for Certificate Program.
  3. Duration of Fellowship: The duration of the fellowship depends upon the selected program.
  • For Certificate: The certificate course is tary3 months and is offered twice a year i.e. in January-April and June-August.
  • For Master’s: The duration is of Master’s Program depends upon the University under which it is being undertaken. Generally, the duration of the program is between 15-24 months.

Required Eligibility and Conditions for Applying Rotary Peace Fellowship:

  1. Age: There is no restriction on the age of the applicant.
  2. Academic Qualification
  • For Certificate: A strong academic background is required.
  • For Master’s: A Bachelor’s or equivalent degree.
  1. Work Experience
  • For Certificate: 5-year relevant work experience in a mid to upper-level position.
  • For Master’s: 3 years of paid or unpaid full-time work experience.
  1. Language: The applicant must be fluent in English.
  2. Examination Score:
  • For certificate: No GRE, IELTS or TOEFL scores are required.
  • For Master’s: GRE Score is required only for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill while the requirement of IELTS and TOEFL score depends upon the Rotary Peace center being preferred for the study.
  1. Not eligible for the fellowship
  • Active or honorary Rotary members.
  • Employee and close or blood relatives of Rotary Club, Rotary District, Rotary International or any other Rotary related organization.
  • Rotary members earlier related to The Rotary Club

Rotary Peace Centres:

The program will be offered at the following rotary peace centers

  1. For Professional Development Certificate
  • Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand
  1. For Master’s Degree
  • Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden
  • Duke University & the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA
  • International Christian University, Tokyo, Japan
  • University Of Bradford, West Yorkshire, England
  • The University Of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia

Documents Required for Applying Rotary Peace Fellowship:

  1. Application Form
  2. Resume or CV
  3. Undergraduate Transcript
  4. GRE Scores (Only for Duke-UNC)
  5. Written Essay
  6. 2 Recommendations with signatures
  7. TOEFL or IELTS Score
  8. Applicant’s certification signed and dated

Application Procedure:     

  1. Those candidates who are willing to make applications for The Rotary Peace Fellowship need to get in touch with their local Rotary Clubs.
  2. The Application form and other related documents are required to be submitted at the Rotary District.
  3. Candidates are not allowed to make direct application to Rotary Peace Centres or The Rotary Foundation. The applications need to be made through the Rotary District, preferably with the endorsement from the local rotary club.
  4. Inform your local Rotary district that you are applying for a peace fellowship, and request an interview.
  5. Prior to interviews, fill out the application form, attach the required supplementary materials (test scores, academic or professional recommendations, essays), and submit them to your Rotary district
  6. Complete an interview with district representatives. Districts must submit endorsed applications to The Rotary Foundation
  7. Receive notice of selection results in November. If you are chosen for a fellowship, you will receive the name of the Peace Centre where you will study.
  8. Apply for admission to the university where you will study. Being chosen for a fellowship does not mean you have been admitted to the university.

Contact Details: 

  1. For more information applicant can contact to following address: Secretary, Rotary Foundation (India), Thapar House, 2nd Floor, Central Wing, 124, Janpath, New Delhi, India (110 001)
  2. Phone: (+91-11) 42250101 -105
  3. E-mail:

References & Details:

  1. For more information regarding Rotary Peace Fellowship visit:

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