Shishu Greh Scheme

Shishu Greh Scheme is the scheme which promotes child adoption in India. The scheme comes under Integrated Child Protection Scheme (ICPS) which is being launched by Ministry of Women and Child Development. Previously the scheme was administered by the ministry itself, but to have a hold on children situation in country government created the ICPS. Under the scheme the adoption is promoted and simultaneously in pre-adoption period complete child care is taken. There are government organization to do so, but as the trend and more activity by NGOs/Charitable trust now even they are into the action over this scheme. In India every day hundreds of children become orphan and due to lack of any support they are forced to live bad and destitute i.e. poor life. So, the scheme targets on all such issues and make sure no child in their vision remains deprived of the facilities and all happiness what he/she deserves.

Toll Free Number: 1098

Benefits of Shishu Greh Scheme:

  • Setting up of Orphanage: The scheme provides grants for setting up of orphanage which will shelter orphans
  • Setting up of small school: The scheme grants the permission of setting up of small schools with orphanage
  • Better nutrition to children: Children are given better nutrition as there is pre-adoption programme for child care
  • Medical facilities: To avoid any medical emergencies orphanage is allowed to have a better medical setup in the orphanage itself
  • Adoption promotions: Since the scheme is truly dedicated to bring happiness to the orphan, destitute children, they promote adoption aggressively and try to find a home sweet home for some needy child
  • Government assistance: To process the scheme government release the financial assistance in which 90% is provided by govt. and 10% will be carries out by NGO/organization itself

Eligibility for Shishu Greh Scheme:

  1. Any child who is orphan and is in the age group of 0-6 years is eligible to get admitted to the orphan house

Documents Required:

As the child who’ll get admitted in the orphan house will not hold any documents, so the documents required will be applicable on the person who’ll take that child to orphanage

  1. Aadhar card
  2. Police FIR about the orphan child (to prevent child robbery)
  3. Passport size photograph

Application form:

Application form has to be submitted by the person whoever will take that child to the orphanage, so the forms are available at orphanage itself

Whom to contact where to contact for more information about the scheme:

  1. District Child Protection Committee
  2. Village Level Child Protection Committee
  3. And any Child Protection Organization will work in this reference

References and Details:

Few detail about scheme:



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