Single Women Pension Scheme in Telangana will launched Soon

The Telangana government is all set to start a pension scheme for the poor women in Telangana. Those women who belong to economically poor sections and are single are in dire need of financial assistance. The Telangana government is resolved to render a social equanimity and justice to all citizens. The scheme launched will benefit women and help in carrying forward the woman empowerment agenda of the central government.

The scheme will come into effect from the coming financial year. The statement also announced instructing district collectors to start registering details of single women in the district. Also, the government has appealed the eligible women to get their names registered under the scheme.

Key Features of the Scheme:

  • Each month, a fixed amount of Rs. 1000 shall be given to the needy women. It shall be a form of pension and it will be provided from April 2017 onwards.
  • The scheme asks the district collectors to start receiving the applications for the same from the women of their district. The government has appealed to the eligible women to start getting their names registered for this scheme.
  • The state government has asked the legislators to take the initiative to implement this scheme. It shall soon start providing the pension on a monthly basis to the needful women.
  • The scheme will target 2-3 lakh women across the state. These targeted beneficiaries will include widows and the workers of the handloom and other small manufacturing industries.
  • The scheme shall also include the poverty ridden wives of the men who went to the Gulf in search of jobs but now reside in jails there due to various reasons.
  • The scheme also targets those women whose husbands have just passed away because of some unforeseen accident such as road accident. However, only the BPL card holders of such families will get the benefit.
  • About 65% of all the potential women are from backward classes. Some of them are from Scheduled Castes and about 32% of them are from Muslim minority communities, according to reports.

 Eligibility for the Scheme:

  1. The applicant should be greater than 18 years. Separation period will be confirmed by the local inquiry of concerned officials
  2. The female candidates said to be married by a God, jogini, Mathama, Parvathi also eligible for Telangana single women pension scheme.
  3. Female candidates who faced acid attacks or rape attacks are considered as eligible candidates for the pension under humanitarian grounds, this should be recommended by the collector of that district
  4. The income slab for the applicants should not be more than 1.5 Lakh in rural areas and 2 lacs in urban areas
  5. The applicant should not get any type of pension from the government of the state or Government of India.
  6. If the applicant gets married to another person in future or join in any job then this scheme will be stopped
  7. If applicant continuous till she reaches 65 years then that pension will be converted into the old age pension scheme.

Telangana is moving towards a sustainable development state with this new scheme. The scheme will help women take care of their children and pay bills. It will also help carry forward the women empowerment policy as it will make women self-reliant. Several single women of the state have come forward to attest that they will be greatly benefitted by this scheme. Many women in the past suffered because their husbands were unable to provide for them. Now with this scheme, they are able to get better help and the addition of Rs. 1000 per month shall enable them to accomplish several greater tasks.

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