Ujala Yojana Free Led Bulb Scheme

The government of Maharashtra launched the Ujala Yojana along with the partnership with central government. It was launched with different name – (DELP) Domestic efficient Lighting Programme. This scheme providing more benefits for the consumers. 8 crore LED bulbs already distributed in the Ujala Yojana. The government has decided to provide LED bulbs at the very cheap cost to the people of Maharashtra. 3 crore LED bulbs will be sold at a very low price for the people of Maharashtra. The LED bulbs designed with the latest technology which names liquid emission diode technology. This new technology gives the less consumption of power and high luminosity. The 9 watt of power consumed by the Ujala bulbs. These Ujala bulbs give the 10 times more energy as compared to the normal bulb and it also provides at the cheap cost. The total energy consumption will slow down in the country through these LED bulbs. Over the last year, 1,298 kWh power consumption has been saved through the Ujala scheme. The 10 crore bulbs already distributed in India. The rate of the LED bulb under the Ujala scheme Rs. 85 per unit. 900 lumens of the luminosity of each Ujala bulb. The government gives the 3 years replacement warranty on the Ujala LED bulbs. The places where the LED bulbs have distributed are DISCOM offices, electricity bill cash counter, EESL kiosks, weekly market etc.

Benefits of the Scheme:

  • The LED bulbs consume less energy and save electricity
  • These LED bulbs improve the environment and negative impact of normal bulbs can be controlled
  • Through the Ujala Yojana, the public become aware of the benefit of LED bulbs
  • The LED bulbs provided for the people at very cheap rates
  • These LED bulbs gives high luminosity and less consumption of power

Ujala Yojana Free LED Bulb Key Features:

  1. The Maharashtra Government has declared to give away LED bulbs for free to the millions of homes in the state. The bulbs will consume less energy and brings down the net electricity consumption
  2. The bulbs will be sold at very low cost to all the inhabitants of the state Maharashtra. The scheme has already started in the rest of the country where these no-cost LED bulbs are sold at much lower price to promote the energy saving schemes
  3. There are special arrangements are done to encourage the scheme and aware people about it. Kiosks and special DISCOM offices are placed in prominent areas to distribute the bulbs and to make people aware of the scheme
  4. The time bound for the project is set at 6 months. That means within the next 6 months nearly 3 crores LED bulbs will be distributed at lower cost to the state inhabitants

Documents required for Ujala Yojana:

  1. Photocopy of electricity bill
  2. Photo ID proof of Yourself
  3. Address proof
  4. Aadhaar Card
  5. Voter ID card
  6. Phone bill

Application procedure for Ujala Yojana:

  1. The applicants apply for the Ujala Yojana on the government official website. You can download the application form through ujala.gov.in after download the application form you can fill up the form and submitted it to the authorities. Additional details also available at the DISCOM office you can check. After completing all the requirements you are avail to get the benefit of this Ujala scheme

Contact details & References:

  1. Please visit Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution
  2. For more details please visit official site: ujala.gov.in
  3. Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Co. Ltd: http://www.mahadiscom.in


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