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Aahar Scheme (AS) Odisha: a scheme to provide cheap meal to the poor in the state | Eligibility, Beneficiaries & Implementation

Aahar Scheme (AS) Odisha a scheme to provide cheap meal to the poor in the state Eligibility, Beneficiaries & Implementation

Aahar Scheme (AH) is a cheap meal scheme for the needy and poor people of urban areas. Under the scheme Aahar centers provide subsidized food to the poor in the state at Rs. 5. The scheme is meant for the urban areas of the state only and the main objective of the scheme is to provide food to the people who visits cities for their work. The scheme was launched by Shri Navin Patnaik, Chief Minister of Odisha on April 2015. The scheme was piloted on five municipal corporations of Odisha centers. Now the scheme covers in all 30 districts of the state. Currently, there are 110 Aahar centers are operational in all the districts in the Odisha. Housing and Urban Development Department is responsible for implementation of Aahar scheme. The Aahar centers are established in the crowded places in the cities such as hospitals, bus stands, railway stations, courts etc are the places where Aahar centers found. The government has invited corporates too to find the scheme through their CSR funds.

What is Aahar Scheme (AH)? A scheme by the Odisha Government to provide subsidized food at 5 rupees per meal to the people coming from different parts of the state to work in big cities.

Aahar Scheme (AH): Objective

  • To provide cheap meals
  • To make sure everyone in the state has food

Aahar Center Timings: 11 AM till 3 PM (except Sunday)

Aahar Scheme (AH): Implementation & Highlights

  • This scheme was launched in Aril 2015
  • 67,000 people have meal everyday at the Aahar centers
  • In the first phase, it was started from 5 major towns of Odisha
  • Currently, 110 Aahars centers are operational in major cities across Odisha
  • Centers served food from morning 11 am to 3 pm every day, except Sunday
  • Aahar Thali contains steam rice & dalma
  • Women, children, patients, construction workers, laborers, rickshaw pullers, street children, auto drivers, needy student, office goers etc have meal at the Aahar center everyday
  • The scheme is implemented with the support of 14 implementing partners
  • Department of Housing & Urban Development is the nodal agency to implement this scheme
  • To run this scheme Rs 330 million required every year
  • To collect money, the government reach out to corporate for contributing scheme under CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

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