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Digital Health Scheme (DHS) Odisha: e-hospital, tele-medicine, health-care services & Integrated Diseases Surveillance App

The Health and Family Welfare Department, Government of Odisha is working on the new scheme called as Digital Health Scheme (DHS). The scheme is meant for the patients suffering from various diseases. The objective of the scheme is to improve the health care infrastructure in the state and provide affordable health care to everyone in the state. The scheme will be launched in the end of August 2018 and will use technology to provide health care services to the remote areas and villages of the state.

A new platform called e-hospital will be launched along with the scheme. The new scheme emphasizes on the use of digital mediums and will provide healthcare services such as tele-medicines at the doorstep.

The patient’s data will be recorded and maintained by introducing a new e-hospital system a uniform online platform. A  new integrated app will also be launched called as Diseases Surveillance App, which will helps in monitoring the eruption of various diseases and stop them from spreading.

What is Digital Health Scheme (DHS)? The government of Odisha scheme for improving the medical infrastructure and services in the state.

Digital Health Scheme (DHS): Objectives

  • To improve health infrastructure and services in the state
  • To make sure that the patients health records are available and accessible for better diagnosis
  • To monitor the spread of diseases in the state

Digital Health Scheme (DHS): Eligibility / Who can apply?

  • Applicable to the residents of Odisha only
  • Patients suffering from various severe diseases in the state

Digital Health Scheme (DHS): Benefits

  • Improved health care service
  • Quality affordable health care service for all in the state
  • Government will have accurate information about the spreading diseases in the state
  • With e-hospital system, patient records will be available online and better diagnoses and treatment can be provided
  • With use of digital technology health care services can be provided at the doorsteps
  • With tele-medicines, medicines will be delivered to houses

Digital Health Scheme (DHS): Implementation & Highlights

  • The government of Odisha’s Ministry of Health & Family Welfare to launch the scheme soon
  • The scheme is meant for the patients in the system
  • The objective of this scheme is to improve health-care infrastructure and service at various government hospitals
  • This scheme will be launched at the end of August 2018 in the state
  • Tele-medicines, e-hospital and digitization services will introduced with the scheme
  • The government will also launch a new Integrated Disease Surveillance app to monitor the various kinds of diseases
  • An application will also be launched for citizens of the state to get an appointment of the doctors at the hospital from the mobile app

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