E-Bike Taxi Scheme, Karnataka

To ease the general public, generate employment opportunities and reduce the level of pollution

Karnataka government announced ‘E-Bike Taxi scheme’ in the state on July 14, 2021. This announcement was made by Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa. Under this scheme Electric bikes will be used as taxis for the public a distance up to 10 km. The main aim of this scheme is to benefit the daily commuters in the state. It will reduce the travel time for public and will support the public transport means available in the state. This scheme will generate full time and part time employment opportunities. Various individuals, partnership firms and companies can participate and accordingly licenses will be issued by the state government. Use of electric vehicles is intended to reduce the level of pollution in the state and at national level. Electric vehicle manufactures welcomed this scheme of the state government.

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Scheme Overview:

Scheme name:E-Bike Taxi scheme
Scheme Under:Karnataka Government
Announced by:Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa
Announcement Date:July 14, 2021
Main Objectives:To ease the general public, generate employment opportunities and reduce the level of pollution

Scheme Objectives & Benefits:

  • The main objective of the policy is to promote the use of electric vehicles
  • It will increase employment and self-employment opportunities as well as boost the associated industries
  • It will strengthen the public transport means in the state
  • The increased use of electric vehicles will help combating pollution levels remarkably in the long run and will create a safe environment around.
  • Vehicles registered under the scheme will get several exemptions like permits, tax and other financial benefits
  • It will ease the general public through reduced travel time and immediate availability of vehicles especially to those who don’t own any vehicle

Key Points:

  • On July 14, 2021 Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa announced E-bike taxi scheme in the state
  • Under this scheme GPS enabled electric two wheelers will be used as bikes for commuting to upto 10 km
  • Vehicles will have to be registered under the scheme
  • Accordingly, licenses will be issued by the concerned authority under this scheme
  • Routes excluded from the operation of these bikes will also be decided by the authority
  • Registered vehicles will get several exemptions like permits, tax and other financial benefits
  • This scheme will allow individuals, firms and companies to contribute and participate
  • Transport authority will specify the color of the bike and the riders will have to mandatory wear a yellow helmet and a jacket with words ‘Electric Bike Taxi’ printed
  • It is mainly planned for ensuring full time connectivity in the state
  • The motive to ease the general public with immediate availability of vehicles and reduced travel time
  • It will contribute to achieve development along with reduced pollution levels
  • Thus, use of electric bike taxi is an eco-friendly option made available for commutation of the general public
  • Self-employment opportunities as well as part time and full-time employment opportunities for riders will be increased
  • Transport and related industries will be developed in the state
  • Electric Vehicle manufacturing companies were pleased with this much awaited scheme announcement by the state government

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