How to get Satbara online in Maharashtra?

What is Satbara (7/12)?

Satbara utara is the record of land ownership along with details such as village, taluka, district, name of owners, their shares. It also includes type of land, area, crops, tenancy details, loans & liabilities etc. Satbara is a extract from the government land register. Mahabhulekh (Maharashtra Bhumi Abhilekh) is the online land record website of Maharashtra. It is developed by National Informatics Center in association with Revenue Department of Maharashtra.

Why is Satbara required and how it helps?

  1. Satbara serves as a proof of land ownership
  2. New land buyers can check the land ownership
  3. Helps to know any liabilities and dues on the land
  4. Helps know activities on the land
  5. Satbara is required while purchase of the land and is one of the important document which needs to be produced at the sub-registrars office
  6. Banks asks for Satbara for loan applications
  7. Satbara acts as a land proofs in case of disputes

How to get Satbara online in Maharashtra?

  1. Go to Maharashtra Bhumi Abhilekh website:
  2. Choose your district
  3. Click on 7/12
  4. Choose your district again from the drop-down
  5. Choose your taluk from the taluks drop-down
  6. Choose your village from the villages drop-down
  7. Now you can use your survey number, gat number, first name, last name, middle name or complete name to retrieve the Satbara
  8. Click enter, this will open your Satbara in a new window


how to get 7/12 in Maharashtra

STEP 2-8:

Step 2-8: how to get 7/12 online in Maharashtra


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