Good Samaritan Scheme Delhi to award people who help accident victims

The Government of Delhi will launch a Good Samaritan Scheme to incentivize people who help accident victims. Thousands die everyday in road accidents in India. If they get timely first aid or taken to hospitals in time many lives can be saved but people mostly avoid road accident victims due. To encourage people to help out victims Government of Delhi will pay Rs. 2,000 to the people who take accident victims to the hospital in time.

Delhi Health Minister Satyandra Jain said with Good Samaritan Scheme will reduce the time taken to take the accident victims to the hospital. The Aam Aadmi Party led government in Delhi announced the scheme in January 2017 after repeated incidents of accident victims dying as no one came out to help. The government is also planning to see if they can bear the cost of the treatment for ailing accident victims which will further increase the chances of surviving the victim.

Highlights of Good Samaritan Scheme Delhi:

  • Delhi Health Minister Satyandra Jain announced the scheme in the “MeltingPot 2020 Innovation Summit 2017”
  • Government of Delhi will provide incentive of Rs. 2000 to the people who take accident victims to the hospital
  • Scheme to be launched soon
  • Government is planning to pay for the treatment as well to increase the percentage of survival of the accident victims


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