How to get property card online in Maharashtra?

What is property card?

Property card is the land record of ownership and history of ownership of the land in urban areas. It is also called as Malmatta Patrak (मालमता पत्रक). Property card is the extract from the urban land record register of Government of Maharashtra.

Why property card is important?

  1. It certifies the real owner of the land
  2. As a land buyer in Maharashtra you must check the property card of the land you are planning to buy to make sure that seller is a real owner of the land
  3. Even if you are planning to buy a flat in Maharashtra you much check the property card of the land to avoid any frauds
  4. Property card also shows the ancestral history of the land which is useful in case of a dispute
  5. It helps to detect false claim on the land and avoid land grab cases

Government of Maharashtra is taken a giant step to digitize 7/12, 8A & property cards and all of them are now can be obtained online on Mahabhulekh (Maharashtra Bhumi Abhilekh) website. This ensures transparency and curbs fraudulent practices and cheating in land deals. The property cards can be obtained from city survey offices but since most of the properties cards are digitized it is available at a click of a button.

The property card contains following details:

  1. Land ownership details
  2. Ancestral land ownership details
  3. City Title Survey Number (CTS number)
  4. Plot number
  5. Area in square meter
  6. Encumbrances and Mutations recorded (A process of changing the ownership details in the land records)

How to get property card online in Maharashtra?

  1. Go to Maharashtra Bhumi Abhilekh website:
  2. Choose your district
  3. Click on मालमता पत्रक
  4. Choose your district again from the drop-down
  5. You will be redirected to the website of the district you have chosen
  6. Click on View Property Cards & this will open another window of property card tool
  7. Select your district in the select district drop-down on the newly open window
  8. Select your taluk
  9. Select your villege
  10. Enter न.भु.मा.क्र or choose न.भु.मा.क्र
  11. Your should get the required property card

Step 1:


Step 2-5:

Step 6:

Malmatta Card online in Maharashtra

Step 7-11:

Property utara

Alternate resource to check property card online in Maharashtra:

  1. Department of Registration and Stamps, Maharashtra official website:
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