National Maternity Benefit Scheme (NMBS)

National Maternity Benefit Scheme (NMBS) is the scheme launched by Ministry of Women and Child Development of Government of India and is active in every state at state level. It is much more like Janani Suraksha Yojna, the difference lies in its benefits. In National Maternity Benefit Scheme the pregnant women from poor family who are below poverty line are given financial assistance for pre and post pregnancy care. Every pregnant women will get Rs. 500 per pregnancy and for first two delivery women is eligible for the benefits of scheme. The scheme is into action since its formation in 1995. It targets rural Indian women and assures that a women goes smoothly with all process of pregnancy and money should be an obstacle.

Benefits of National Maternity Benefit Scheme:

  • Rs. 500 assistance: Under the scheme the women is given assistance for first two pregnancies
  • Pre-delivery payment: Pregnant women are given payment for pre-delivery time for proper care of herself and child
  • Post-delivery payment: Assistance is active even after the delivery to carry out post-delivery medications

Eligibility for National Maternity Benefit Scheme: 

  1. Person should be a BPL card holder.
  2. Person should not be less than 19 years of age
  3. Only pregnant women are eligible for the scheme

Document required for the scheme:

  1. Aadhar card
  2. Bank passbook
  3. BPL card
  4. Ration card

Whom to contact and where to contact for getting benefits of National Maternity Benefit Scheme:

  1. Nagar Palikas
  2. Hospitals
  3. Primary health center
  4. Aanganwadi center

Application Form to enroll for the scheme:

Since the scheme is active and initiated only after medical checkups, the applicants can visit hospitals and get all required information with detailed application procedure.

For more details visit link:

  • To get more details and FAQs please visit the same link
  • Ministry of Women and Child Development:

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