Pre Examination Coaching for SC, ST, OBC and Minority students

The Pre-Examination Coaching for SC, ST, and OBC and Minority students scheme is started by Delhi government for providing free pre-examination SC/ST/OBC/Minorities students. Pre-examination coaching center, 61/32, Ramjas Road Karol Bagh, New Delhi is providing free Pre-Examination coaching facilities to SC/ST/OBC/Minorities students of Delhi residents for different competitive examinations for appointing of Group B and Group C jobs in Govt. /Semi Govt. /Bank and under Public Sector Undertaking. This Pre-Examination coaching is providing for non-technical posts only. The training center is an important institution to ensure that the good quality training is provided to the candidate for competition purposes. Pre-Examination Coaching center is having only one coaching center in Delhi.

Benefits of Pre-Examination Coaching for SC, ST, OBC and Minority Students Scheme:

  • The Pre-Examination Coaching center scheme provides benefits in the form of free coaching required for competitive examinations for appointing of Group B and Group C jobs in Govt. /Semi Govt. /Bank and under Public Sector Undertaking to SC/ST/OBC/Minorities students of Delhi residents
  • Coaching will be provided in General Knowledge, English, Maths and Reasoning subjects
  • Stipend will be given to those trainees who attend at least 80% of the classes

Required eligibility and conditions for applying Pre-Examination Coaching for SC, ST, OBC and Minority Students:

  1. The Eligible candidate under SC/ST/OBC/Minority Category whose parent total income including their own income from all sources does not exceed 3.00 lakh per year
  2. must be residing in Delhi for last five years
  3. Have not taken two times coaching from this center or any Govt. of India aided center for any examination/posts/entrance test
  4. Candidate must have required caste certificated by Competent Authority of Delhi
  5. The stipend will be given only after receipt of the aid from Govt. of India

Application procedure and documents required for applying Pre-Examination Coaching for SC, ST, OBC and Minority Students:

  1. Caste certificate
  2. Noncreamy layer certificate
  3. Income certificate below Rs. 3 lakh from respective authority
  4. Minority declaration certificate
  5. Domicile certificate
  6. Aadhar card
  7. Bonafide certificate
  8. Bank Detail, account number, account holder name, IFSC code, MICR code
  9. Identity proof e.g. school identity card
  10. Residence proof e.g. certificate from respective residence authority
  11. Application form

Application procedure:

  1. A candidate has to apply to the concerned authority. The admission for the coaching will be made on the merit prepared after the written examination conducted by PECC or interview of the candidate

Duration of Coaching:

  1. Maximum duration for imparting pre-examination coaching for a particular course/class will be for four months or until the preceding day of the date of written examination of the course whichever is earlier

Whom to contact and where to contact:

  1. Candidate can contact to the following address
  2. For admission in Pre-Examination Coaching center, please contact, Director, PECC, 61/32, Rampura, Karol Bagh, New Delhi

References & details:

  1. For more details regarding documents and other help please visit official website:


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