Procedure to apply for Dubai Tourist Visa

Dubai, the land of sheikhs the land which made impossible things possible, where money speaks, where you’ll find world’s most mega constructions going on, the land known for Burj Khalifa world’s tallest building, Burj-al-Arab where one can dine with a shark swimming around them, World island where every island serves peculiarly as per their real specialty for e.g. Ireland is famous for its pubs and one can find same pubs in world islands Ireland, Palm island, the land of belly dancing and the only land with 17 sky scrapers building in world at one city. Dubai has always been the land which astonished world with their weird and marvelous things and now it’s the most favorite destination of tourist in the world. To enter in Dubai one has to apply for tourist visa which is valid for 30 days and can be extended to another 30 days. But as always visa application is a tough task to go through. And hence here is the article that talks about the visa application procedures for Dubai.

Procedure to follow for Dubai Tourist Visa:

  1. It’s very important to know that Dubai visa are not approved unless the applicant have someone to sponsor his/her visa from Dubai.
  2. So, to get the visa first of all get a sponsor and a sponsor can be a hotel in Dubai, Airlines and Airline handlers, some organizations active in Dubai and last, any of applicant’s relative living in Dubai can also be his/her sponsor for the visa.
  3. Then once sponsor apply on your behalf the immigration department processes the application.
  4. Next and final is visa interview and on approval of visa passport is given back within a week

Documents required for Dubai Tourist Visa application:

  1. Recent and all old issued passports
  2. Copy of confirmed flight bookings
  3. Bank approval letter
  4. Passport size photographs. (2*2 inches)
  5. Visa fee ranging from 5k to 30k INR
  6. Visa appointment letter
  7. Sponsor details
  8. Non-immigrant visa application form
  9. Complete application form

Whom to approach for booking a Dubai Visa interview date

Procedure is quite simple. If you have any hotel in Dubai as a sponsor the hotel will have to do all requirement procedures on your behalf. But if you chose to do it by yourself one has to visit the UAE embassy website and book a date for an interview. Application form is on this link

To know more about Dubai and its policies and regulation visit the official link of UAE embassy in New Delhi


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