Procedure to apply for Schengen Visa

Europe has always been a place on earth which is on romantic mode throughout the year, and the favorite destination among couples. But in the past few years many youths looking for the adventure, nature lovers and history lovers are moving towards European countries. Each European country has its own peculiarity like Austria for its plain green valley, France for world’s history, Czech Republic for oldest city, Switzerland for super romantic destination, Belgium for its chocolates and so the list goes on. Having a Schengen visa is the complete package of all adventures. European Union consist of 27 countries and all together came up with Schengen Visa to promote tourism in those countries. When someone gets Schengen Visa he/she can travel to all 27 countries with that one visa, there is no need to get individual country visa. This gives hassle free travel and money efficient journey to the tourist. This article gives brief description about Schengen visa

Procedure to follow for Schengen Visa:

  1. Once decided on the type of visa you wish to issue get started with visa application procedure. Start Application here:
  2. Visa can be taken of any Schengen visa community and the rest countries can be traveled with no restrictions.
  3. Once done with form get an appointment date.
  4. On appointment day candidate will go through an interview and decision on it will be given within a week.

Documents required for Dubai Tourist Visa application:

  1. Recent and all old issued passports
  2. Bank approval letter.
  3. Passport size photographs. (2*2 inches)
  4. Visa fee.
  5. Visa appointment letter.
  6. Non-immigrant visa application form.
  7. Complete application form.

Whom to approach for booking a Schengen Visa interview date:

  1. Schengen visa is a king of visa in which if you get a visa for France still you can travel all other remaining 25 countries on the same visa, so to get Schengen visa one can book visa at any of these consulates.
  2. Belgium:
  3. Czech Republic:
  4. Denmark:
  5. Germany:
  6. Estonia: Visa is issued by Hungary consulate
  7. Greece:
  8. Spain:
  9. France:
  10. Italy:
  11. Latvia: Visa issued by Hungary.
  12. Lithuania:
  13. Luxembourg: Visa issued by Belgium.
  14. Hungary:
  15. Malta:
  16. Netherlands:
  17. Austria:
  18. Poland:
  19. Portugal:
  20. Slovenia:
  21. Slovakia:
  22. Finland:
  23. Sweden:
  24. Iceland: Visa is issued by Denmark in New Delhi, Italy in Kolkata, Germany in Chennai and Mumbai
  25. Liechtenstein: Visa is issued by embassy of Switzerland
  26. Norway:
  27. Switzerland:

To know more about Schengen Visa and its policies and regulation visit the official link of Schengen Visa website



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Procedure to apply for Dubai Tourist Visa

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