Soil Health Card Scheme (SHC) / मृदा स्वास्थ्य कार्ड योजना/सॉइल हेल्थ कार्ड (एस एच सी)

The Soil Health Card Scheme is a scheme launched by the central Government of India in February 2015 for Indian farmer. The main aim of the scheme is under this scheme, the government plans to issue soil cards to farmers which will carry crop-wise recommendations of nutrients and fertilizers required for the individual farms to help farmers to improve productivity through the judicious use of inputs. All soil samples are to be tested in various soil testing labs across the country. Thereafter the experts will analyze the strength and weaknesses (micro-nutrients deficiency) of the soil and suggest measures to deal with it. The result and suggestion will be displayed in the cards. And those results will help to increase the productivity of the crop

Toll-free number: 1800 180 1551

Benefits of Soil Health Card Scheme: 

  • Soil Health Card (SHC) provides information to the farmer on soil acidity/salinity/alkalinity and nutrient content
  • Soil testing will be done and soil analysis will be done
  • SHC also proposes for soil testing and recommendation of fertilizers according to soil type once in a 3 year
  • Increase in a crop of the farmer will be there
  • Soil Health Card Scheme will give a detailed report of soil fertility status and other important soil parameters that affect crop productivity
  • It also provides advisory on soil test based use of fertilizers and other
  • The farmers will be guided by experts to come up with solutions to improve the quality of the soil

Eligibility for getting benefits of Soil Health Card Scheme:

  1. All farmer across the country are eligible for Soil Health Card Scheme

Document required for registration of Soil Health Card Scheme: 

  1. No special requirement of documents just
  2. Identity proof e.g. Aadhar card
  3. Residence proof e.g. electricity bill
  4. 7/12 of farm keep ready if need

Whom to contact and where to contact:

  1. Farmer can visit nearly Agriculture office
  2. Farmer need to do online registration on official portal for enroll –

Online registration form is available here:


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