Study Tour to Farmers outside the Country

Study Tour of Farmers outside the Country is launched by state government of Maharashtra to educate farmers in modern agriculture methods by part-funding their study tours in abroad. This scheme is implemented by agriculture department of Maharashtra. Under this scheme, government gives grants for Farmers educational tours to China, Israel and other agriculture based countries in the world. The tours include Field visits, various processing institutions, markets, Agriculture universities and research institute, dairy institution and floriculture farms visit to the countries which help to enhance the knowledge, help farmers to implement different agriculture techniques and increase confidence of farmers toward agriculture. This study tours helps farmers to learning new farming techniques, the marketing strategies, local farming concepts, processing, preservation and drip irrigation techniques. The farmers in Maharashtra state are eligible for this tour. A farmer should have own agriculture land, passport and visa to get benefits of this scheme. The state government provides 50% grants for traveling expenses

Benefits of Study Tour to Farmers outside the Country:

  • To get benefits of 50% grants for traveling expenses
  • To get benefits of subsidy for study tour in aboard
  • To get benefits of learning new agriculture techniques across the globe
  • To get benefits to increase agriculture production by implement marketing strategy

Eligibility for Study Tour to Farmers outside the Country:

  1. All farmers are eligible for this scheme
  2. Farmers Between 45 to 60 years age are eligible
  3. A group of at least 10 farmers is eligible
  4. A farmer must have own agriculture land in their names
  5. Farmers have insurance cover
  6. Farmers should have acquired passports and visas for Study Tour for Farmers Outside the Country

Documents required for Study Tour to Farmers outside the Country:

  1. Applicant Aadhaar card
  2. Applicant 7/12
  3. applicant passport and visa
  4. applicant bank account details
  5. applicant passport size photos

Application procedure:

  1. Farmers should contact department of district agriculture or Taluka agriculture officer

References & details:

  1. For more details about Study Tour of Farmers Outside the Country visit

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