Udyan Pandit Award for Horticulture Farmers in Maharashtra

Udyan Pandit Award launched by the state government of Maharashtra for the farmers. This scheme is implemented by agriculture department of Maharashtra. Udyan Pandit Award is given to farmers for exceptional work in horticulture areas in the state. The Udyan Pandit Award is given for excellence in fruit cultivation in Maharashtra. Udyan Pandit Award started implementing in the year 2001-02 for horticulture. The award is given in each of the categories of apple, banana, grapes, guava, mandarin, mango, pineapple and sweet orange. Under this schemes. State government has aims to create awareness in horticulture farmers and increase quality of crops, to encourage farmers in horticulture field, to increase advance technology in horticulture or new initiative taken for horticulture, to encourage organic horticulture farming, to increase export capacity, to encourage medicinal plant and fragrantic plant in horticulture, to encourage for using new technology in horticulture to increase production. Maharashtra government started a various award for farmers in Maharashtra. Udyan pandit award is to recognize work in horticulture field and this award is encouraged to increase horticulture production. A farmer excellence in fruit cultivation are eligible for Udyan Pandit Award

Benefits of Udyan Pandit Award:

  1. Benefits of the award included Rs. 15000 cash
  2. Benefits of memento by government
  3. Benefits of reward letter by state government

Eligibility for Udyan Pandit Award:

  1. All farmers are eligible for this award
  2. Farmers who have excellent work in fruit cultivation are eligible for Udyan Pandit Award

Documents required for Udyan Pandit Award:

  1. Applicant Aadhaar card
  2. Applicant 7/12
  3. Applicant 8/A
  4. Applicant bank account details
  5. Applicant character certificate
  6. Passport size photos

Application procedure:

  1. The state government of Maharashtra appointed district or divisional level committee for choosing right nominee for Udyan Pandit Award
  2. A farmer contact Zilla Parishad or gram panchayat for Udyan Pandit Award

Reference & details:

  1. For more details about Udyan Pandit Award for horticulture visit
  2. https://govinfo.me/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/Udyan-pandit-Guidelines-26-7-2011.pdf

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