Subsidy Scheme to Buy Sugarcane Harvester in Maharashtra / महाराष्ट्र में गन्ने की फ़सल काटने की मशीन खरीदने के लिए सब्सिडी योजना

Subsidy scheme to buy sugarcane harvester launched by state government of Maharashtra for sugarcane harvesters. This scheme is implementing by Sugar Commissionarate Maharashtra, Pune. Under this scheme, the quantum of subsidy which is currently about 25% increase to 40% The state government of Maharashtra decided to give additional subsidy to sugarcane harvester in Maharashtra. The sugarcane harvester is a large mobile machine weighing about eight tones and it can cut about 120 tons of sugarcane in 16 hours. It costs about Rs. 265 to cut a tone of sugarcane while manual cost is about Rs. 322. Maharashtra government provide subsidy to sugarcane harvesters in the state. It is essential to use modern technology to harvest the cane crop. So, the Government has taken the initiative to encourage the use of mechanical harvesters to harvest some area of sugar cane crop. By using the Cane Harvesting Machines the problem of labor shortage can be solved to some extent. In the last four years, there has been the massive decline in sugar prices and the prices dropped by over 25% in the international market. The production and labor cost is increased for sugarcane mills and farmers in Maharashtra state. Therefore, Maharashtra government gives additional subsidy substitutes for the increase in the production cost and machine. Sugarcane harvester machines are primarily bought by the sugar mills, farmers with large holdings and village-based entrepreneurs for hiring out to small and medium farmers. Higher amount of subsidy will attract more farmers and entrepreneurs to buy sugarcane harvester machines

Benefits of Subsidy Scheme to Buy Sugarcane Harvester in Maharashtra:

  • To get benefits of 40% subsidy
  • To get benefits to buy sugarcane harvester machine

Eligibility for Subsidy Scheme to Buy Sugarcane Harvester in Maharashtra:

  1. All farmers are eligible for this scheme
  2. Individual farmers are eligible
  3. Group of farmers are eligible
  4. Entrepreneurs are also eligible
  5. Private and cooperative sugar factories are eligible for this scheme

Documents required for Subsidy Scheme to Buy Sugarcane Harvester in Maharashtra:

  1. Applicant Aadhaar card
  2. Applicant 7/12
  3. Applicant bank account details

Application procedure:

  1. Applicant visit talk or district agriculture officer  for details about subsidy for sugarcane harvester
  2. Applicant visit department of Sugar Commissionarate Maharashtra

Contact details:

  1. Office of Sugar Commissioner, Maharashtra State Sakhar Sankul, Shivajinagar, Pune-411005

References & details:

  1. For more details about Subsidy scheme to buy sugarcane harvester in Maharashtra visit

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