Digital India Award

Digital India: The Digital India program launched by the central government of India under the leadership of P.M Shri. Narendra Modi on 2 July 2015 to provide government-related services to all Indian citizens electronically. Digital India programs aim to provide internet facility to all Indian citizens, e-governance, public internet access program and electronic delivery of service to citizens. The program has been launched with an aim to impart knowledge to people and to empower themselves through Digital India Program. The Government of India has launched the Digital India program with the vision to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy.

Digital India Award: The Digital India Awards formed by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology department and the national portal of India “” has been designed and developed by the National Informatics center, department of Information Technology. Central government and state governments together have taken the initiative of E-Governance in order to improve the delivery and accessibility to public service. The Digital India Awards announced for to promote more initiatives similar to e-governance and the awards also aim to spread awareness about such initiatives

 The following categories are covered under Digital India Awards

  1. Most Innovative Citizen Engagement: The awards aim to honor most innovative initiatives taken by a government entity under Digital India Awards.
  1. Web Ratna-Ministry Dept.: Web Ratna is the award given to the ministry or department of government, which has performed really well in terms of providing information which is good in quality, quantity, innovations.
  1. Web Ratna District: Web Ratna District award is the award for those who provides online services and information to the citizens in a descriptive manner and easy to read
  1. Web Ratna-State: Web Ratna-State scheme is to acknowledge State/UT of India for establishing comprehensive web presence and display the level of accountability in terms of quantity, quality, innovations and performance.
  1. Exemplary Online Service: Exemplary Online Service is the award given to the state government/any website portal which has displayed exemplary citizen focus, reach, scope and innovation in approaching citizen with the useful information
  2. Outstanding Digital Initiative by Local Body: The awards for outstanding Local Body initiatives which took their own efforts and focused on providing information in terms of quality, quantity, cost effectiveness, enhancement
  1. Best Mobile App: The awards will be given to those who have well designed mobile app. Mobile app should also have initiative features, easy to use, content organization and availability on multiple platforms will be considered                      

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