Inlakhs Scholarship for Study in Abroad

The Inlakhs Scholarship for Study in Abroad is launched by Shivdasani Foundation. The scheme is specially launched for students who wish to pursue their higher education from abroad. The main objective behind introducing this scheme is to encourage Indian students to be a part of international study enlighten their future. Under this scheme selected candidate are provided with some financial assistance like tuition fees and living allowance. Under this scheme, the scholarship is provided for university courses or courses chosen by students itself. Forgetting eligible under this scheme applicant candidate need to qualify some eligibility norms which are mentioned below in the article. Meritorious students who have extracurricular achievements can take huge advantage of this scheme

Benefits of Inlakhs Scholarship for Study in Abroad:

  • In lakhs Scholarship for Study in Abroad provides benefits in the form of financial assistance
  • Under this scheme, scholarships are provided for university courses and specific programmes proposed by the candidate
  • University courses like scholarships are granted at top American, European and UK institutions
  • Scholarships for research, training or professional improvement to be carried out abroad either independently or attached to a leading institution, and not leading to a degree
  • Under this scheme financial assistance is provided in the form of tuition and living allowance but should not exceeds US$100,000

Required eligibility and conditions for applying Inlakhs Scholarship for Study in Abroad:

  1. Scholarships are open to all Indian citizens who are resident in India at the time of application
  2. Candidates are normally expected to hold a good first class degree from a recognized university in India
  3. Indian citizens who hold a good undergraduate degree from a recognized university outside India are eligible but must have resided continuously and been employed or been studying in India, for at least two years, after their under-graduation
  4. It is must to have prior admission to the institution and course chosen
  5. Candidates must be below 30 years of age on the first of July in the year of application
  6. Candidates who are already studying or have started their program abroad are not eligible
  7. People having a postgraduate degree (e.g. Master’s or Ph.D.) from a university outside India are not eligible; those who have started but not completed a postgraduate degree outside India are also ineligible

Document required for applying Inlakhs Scholarship for Study in Abroad:

  1. Candidate must submit document which shows evidence of admission to a university or a course, and a full detail of the institute’s financial requirements
  2. Candidates in architecture, fine and applied arts, and related subjects must submit a maximum of 10 samples of their work on a CD / DVD only, giving the size of the original
  3. Evidence of any outstanding achievements in extra-curricular activities in any field
  4. Photocopy of the first and last pages of your passport
  5. Do not send copies of academic certificates with the completed form. These will be needed only at the time of the final interview
  6. Identity proof
  7. Passport size photograph
  8. Permanent residence proof

Application procedure:

  1. Applicant candidate can download application form by clicking mentioned link or can collect application form from this address  Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation, C/o Inlaks India Foundation, 86/87 Atlanta, Nariman Point Mumbai 400021
  2. Candidate must fill the application form properly and submit it to same address mentioned above along with documents
  3. Selected candidates need to attend interview
  4. Interview will be in India only

Contact Details:

  1. Main Office: Delhi Inlaks India Foundation C/o ICGEB (International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology) Aruna Asaf Ali Marg New Delhi 110067 E-mail: Contact Office Mumbai E-mail:

References & details:

  1. For more details regarding documents and other help please visit official website:

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