Integrated Sheep Development Scheme, Jammu and Kashmir

Promote setting up goat and sheep units in the union territory

On September 22, 2020, Government of Jammu and Kashmir launched Integrated Sheep Development Scheme. This scheme is mainly launched to promote and set up sheep and goat units in the union territory. Principal secretary of Animal and Sheep Husbandry Department, Mr. Navin K. Choudhary, announced the scheme details. The government has announced a scheme budget, of Rs. 10 crores for the establishment of these units. The main aim of the scheme is to fulfil the mutton demand and supply in the state. This scheme will also boost the employment opportunities and income of the farmers.

Scheme Overview:

Scheme name:Integrated Sheep Development Scheme
Scheme Under:Jammu and Kashmir Government
Launch Date:September 22, 2020
Main Beneficiaries:Farmers in animal husbandry
Major Objective:Promote setting up goat and sheep units in the union territory
Scheme Outlay:Rs. 10 crores

Scheme Objectives and Benefits:

  • The main objective of the scheme is to promote goat and sheep rearing in the union territory
  • It aims at setting up goat and sheep rearing units
  • The scheme will reduce imports of goats and sheep
  • It will help in meeting the demand and supply of mutton in the territory
  • Employment opportunities will be available to the resident youths
  • It will give a boost to the income of farmers
  • This scheme aims to promote the animal husbandry business in the country as a whole

Schemes lunched by Jammu and Kashmir Government


  • Any Individual resident
  • Group of Individuals
  • Self-Help Group
  • Co-operative Society
  • Farmer’s Producer Organisation

How to Apply:

  • The eligible applicants can apply in the office of concerned District Sheep Husbandry Officer (DSHO)
  • After verification, the applications will then be put forth for approval from the committee headed by DSHO
  • After approval, the beneficiaries will get the permit for establishing the units

Scheme Details:

  • The Integrated Sheep Development Scheme is mainly launched for establishing goat and sheep units in the union territory
  • This scheme will lead to reduced imports of sheep and goats from the neighboring states
  • Under the scheme, 25/10 sheep/goats shall be provided to the beneficiaries free of cost
  • From 3rd year of establishment of the unit, the department shall retrieve or recover back the 5 or 2ewes/ does respectively a per the sheep/goat ration form the beneficiary for 5 continuous years
  • This scheme will function in a circular manner
  • The collected ewes/ does will then be reared and provided to the next slot of beneficiaries
  • This scheme is self-sustaining in nature
  • Preference will be given to the establishment of units in clusters/ groups as it will be easy to manage and assess
  • Beneficiaries should hold required land, infrastructure and manpower for managing the unit
  • Thus, availing the benefit of agro-climatic potential, goat and sheep rearing units will be established under the scheme
  • It will increase income and employment opportunities in the territory
  • A budget of about Rs. 10 Cr. sanctioned for this scheme by the government


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