Laptop Bhagya: free laptops for SC/ST students in Karnataka

The government of Karnataka launched free laptop scheme for SC/ST students in the state called Laptop Bhagya. The students studying in the engineering colleges and polytechnic and government degree colleges in the state of Karnataka belonging to SC/ST caste will be provided free laptops under the scheme. The scheme is announced by Higher Education Minister Basavaraja Rayareddi and is expected to cost Rs. 112 crores to the state. There are over 35,000 such students in the state who will get free laptops under the scheme. The cost of each laptop will be between Rs. 32,000 to Rs. 35,000. The students getting admissions to the above mentioned courses starting next year will get the free laptops. There is no income limit for the scheme everyone belonging to SC/ST caste studying in higher education courses can avail the scheme. The government aims to empower ST/SC students in the state and make them part of the digital revolution. Free laptops will connect these students to the world and will provide global opportunities and study resources. Bangalore University also distribute laptops to their students but they need to return the laptops after completion of the course. Laptop  Bhagya laptops will be the property of the students and they don’t need to return them.

Benefits of Laptop Bhagya Scheme:

  • Free laptops for SC/ST students studying in engineering colleges, polytechnics and government degree colleges
  • Laptop Bhagya will connect students to the world and provide them global opportunities
  • Free laptops will providw students study resources

Eligibility of the Laptop Bhagya Scheme:

  1. Only students belonging to SC and ST caste can apply for the scheme and get free laptop
  2. Students who are residents of Karnataka states only can apply for the scheme
  3. No income limit is applicable applicable

More details of Laptop Bhagya Scheme:

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