Madhubabu Ayeen Sahayata Yojana to provide free legal assistance at Panchayats

Government of Odisha launched Madhubabu Aayeen Yojana which to provide legal assistance in villages across Odisha. Chief Minister of Odisha launched this scheme in December 2016. He wants people of the state to know their rights and what to protect and uplift their lives through legal empowerment. Minorities and poor are suffering due to their ignorance. This scheme will bring legal assistance at their doorstep.

Implementation of the Madhubabu Aayeen Yojana:

Madhubabu Aayeen Sahayata Kendras will be setup in all the panchayats and Rajiv Gandhi Seba Kendras in all the villege in the state. Every Saturday or maximum  4 days a month legal experts will conduct Shyama Sibir. People can rach out to them to get the legal advice. They will also help legal disputes. Preference will be given to women, poor, minorities and backward class people. Law officials will be paid Rs. 500 for every meeting. PEOs will be paid Rs. 150 pe meeting for conducting such meetings.

Benedits of the Madhubabu Aayeen Sahayata Yojana:

  • Free legal advice in the rural areas
  • Free legal education to people in villages

Eligibility for Madhubabu Aayeen Sahayata Yojana:

  • Anyone who needs legal help can reach out to panchayats during Sahayata Sibir
  • Preference will be given to Poor,  women, backwards classes and minorities

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