Mid-day Meal Scheme (MMS) Telangana: free meal to all the students in the government junior colleges

Mid-day Meal Scheme (MMS) Telangana free meal to all the students in the government junior colleges

The Government of Telangana has taken one step forward in implementing the Mid-Day Meal program. They are extending the program to cover all the government junior colleges in the state. The Mid-day Meal Scheme (MMS) will provide afternoon meals to the 1.8 lakh government junior college students across the state. The scheme is likely to be launched on 15th August and will be applicable from the present 2018-19 academic year students. The Commissionerate of Intermediate Education will be implementing the scheme. They are planning to partner with Akshaya Patra Foundation to provide meals. The Telangana Government is also working on extending the mid-day meal scheme further to the five lakh students of Government Junior, Model Junior, Degree, Polytechnic, BEd and DEd colleges in the State.

Telangana is the first state to extend the scheme to the junior colleges. In other state across India the program is available just in schools. In Telangana to mid-day meal is available in the schools. Vegetable biryani, steamed rice, dal, vegetable curry and egg are on the menu for the mid-day meal in schools.

What is Mid-Day Meal Scheme (MMS)? A government scheme to provide nutritious food for all.

Mid-Day Meal Scheme (MMS): Objectives

  • To provide nutritious food to the students in the state
  • To make sure that all the children in the state have food
  • To promote school and college education
  • To encourage parents and children to go schools and colleges

Mid-Day Meal Scheme (MMS) Telangana: Menu

  • Mid-day Meal Menu (in schools): vegetable biryani, steamed rice, dal, vegetable curry and egg
  • Mid-day Meal Menu (in junior colleges): Veg biryani, tamarind rice and pongal rice. The menu is not yet finalized.

Mid-Day Meal Scheme (MMS) Junior Colleges: Eligibility & Beneficiaries

  • All the students from government junior colleges are eligible
  • The scheme is applicable only to the government colleges
  • The scheme is applicable only in the Telangana state
  • 1.8 lakh students in 404 government junior colleges to get benefits

Mid-Day Meal Scheme (MMS) Junior Colleges: Implementation & Highlights

  • Mid-day meal scheme to be extended to government junior colleges in Telangana
  • All 1.8 lakh students of 404 government engineering colleges are eligible under the scheme
  • The objective of the scheme is to provide food to all the students and encourage them to continue studies
  • The scheme likely to be launched on August 15th 2018
  • Commissionerate of Intermediate Education Telangana to implement the scheme
  • Akshaya Patra Foundation will be the most likely food supplier
  • The scheme is expected to increase the attendance, retain students for study hours and help them prepare for the Intermediate public examinations and also to improve college results

Other Important Schemes:

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