National Literacy Mission (NLM)

National Literacy Mission (NLM) is the programme launched by govt. of India in the year 1988. The main objective of the mission was to educate the adults in the age group of 15-35 years. NLM is the separate wing of Ministry of Human Resource and Development which is completely dedicated in educating the rural India. Initially there used to be two programs under this mission. One was “complete literacy” and other was “post literacy”, both had their own value in the mission. But, in the year 1999 the mission was remodeled and one single campaign was launched as NLM. Now, the same mission is active by the name Saakshar Bharat Programme (SBP). Since then till now India has reached far away and today the result of such initiative in the past is that Kerala has 100% literacy rate and even many Indian villages, cities and states are raising their literacy graph rapidly.

 Benefits of National Literacy Mission:

  • The design of the programme let the mission target two different types of people. One with no literacy by educating them like to know reading & writing.
  • The other part is to give direction to rest population who are educated but cannot utilize it.
  • The team is well dedicated and with educating not only they are making rural people reliable but also making them enough confident to move ahead in their life using literacy.
  • The biggest benefit of NLM is the literacy rate by which India responded. Now, Kerala is the state with 100% literacy the state where the first NLM practice was carried out.    

 Eligibility for National Literacy Mission:

For NGOs: The NGO should have proper constitution, managing body in order to get registered under the scheme. In case the NGO is not registered the letter from collector/deputy commissioner certifies about the legitimacy then the permission us granted.

To get funding: The funding should not benefit any individual or any group of individuals. Organization should not discriminate on the ground of caste, race & religion.

To get literate:  Any individual in the age group of 15-35 years is eligible.

Document required for National Literacy Mission:

Since the scheme is implemented by the state govt. after the survey, and further work is assigned to the local NGOs and other non-profit organization. The complete knowledge about the scheme and documents required can be gained there.

Whom to contact and where to contact for getting benefits of National Literacy Mission.

  1. Gram Panchayats.
  2. Nagar Palikas.
  3. Municipal Corporation.
  4. Local NGOs.

Online Form to enroll for National Literacy Mission:

Since the very first stage is the survey, application forms are available to only those who are being covered under the survey. For forms local bodies can be contacted.

To know more about the details and FAQs visit the link


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