National Mission on Micro Irrigation (NMMI)

National Mission on Micro Irrigation (NMMI) is the mission started by govt. of India Ministry of Agriculture. Under this scheme farmers are given financial assistance for the implementation of micro irrigation system in the field. With the help of scheme farmers get major part of the expenses covered by the govt. itself. 40% of the expenses are given by central government, 10% by state government and the remaining expenses farmer himself need to do. An extra 10% of expense is also given but to only extremely poor farmers. Assistance given to the farmers is fixed, every farmer can get assistance for micro irrigation only for        5 ha/person. Since it launching in the year 2010 it covered many villages and brought prosperity to farmers.

Benefits of National Mission on Micro Irrigation:

  • Increased crop production: The proper watering of field there is substantial growth of crop production.
  • Low debts: As govt. is paying almost 60% of expenses farmers are getting micro irrigation facilities installed in their field at very feasible prices.
  • Soil health is maintained: Productivity is increased only by water resources and no fertilizer so soil health remains unaffected.
  • Double subsidy granted: Though the subsidy is restricted to only 5 ha/beneficiary, he/she can get another subsidy for micro irrigation but after 5 years of getting first subsidy.
  • Assistance for drip & sprinkler irrigation: Near about 75% of drip & sprinkler irrigation cost is paid by government.    

Eligibility for National Mission on Micro Irrigation:

  1. Every farmer is eligible for the scheme.
  2. Protected houses like greenhouses, shaded house for greeneries and poly houses are also eligible for the scheme.

Document required for National Mission on Micro Irrigation:

  1. In order to become eligible for the scheme the beneficiary needs to generate lease agreement of at least 10 years for the scheme.
  2. Income records.
  3. Agricultural land documents.

Whom to contact and where to contact for getting benefits of National Mission on Micro Irrigation.

  1. Local NGOs.
  2. Panchayati Raj institutions.
  3. State Micro Irrigation Committee (SMIC).
  4. Gram Panchayat.
  5. Nagar Palika.
  6. District Micro Irrigation Committee (DMIC).

Online Form to enroll for Integrated Rural Development Programme:

Application form for applying the scheme is available at the given link.

To know more about the details and FAQs visit the link



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