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One Farmer One Transformer (OFOT) Maharashtra: One transformer per farmer to reduce the electricity losses

One Farmer One Transformer (OFOT) Maharashtra One transformer per farmer to reduce the electricity losses

The Government of Maharashtra will soon launch a new scheme for farmers called One Farmer One Transformer (OFOT) Maharashtra. The Energy Minister of the state Shree. Chandrashekhar Bawankule announced the scheme in the state assembly. The objective of the scheme is to reduce the electrical losses and provide uninterrupted power to the state farmers. The scheme will provide much needed relief to the farmers and agriculture sector. The scheme will be launched on 15th August 2018. Under the scheme one transformer will be provided to each of the farmers. At present 50% of the electricity is wasted in the transmission. With the OFOT scheme the losses will come down to 15% from 50%.

What is One Farmer One Transformer (OFOT)? A government of Maharashtra scheme to provide high voltage uninterrupted power to the farmers in the state.

 One Farmer One Transformer (OFOT): Objectives

  • To bring down the power losses in the state
  • To save electricity
  • To provide uninterrupted power supply to the farmers

One Farmer One Transformer (OFOT): Who can apply?

  • The scheme is applicable only for the residents of Maharashtra
  • The scheme is for agriculture sector
  • Only farmers will be benefited out of the scheme

 One Farmer One Transformer (OFOT): Implementation & Highlights

  • A scheme for the agricultural sector in Maharashtra
  • Each farmer will get a transformer
  • Announced by the Energy Minister of the state
  • This scheme will be launched on 15th August 2018
  • Energy ministry of the state will implement the scheme
  • 2 lakh farmers from Maharashtra will get benefited from the scheme
  • The objective is to reduce the power losses from 50% to 15%

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