One Vehicle, One Plant (OVOP) Odisha: buy a car plant a tree save the nature

The transport department of Odisha government will soon launch One Vehicle, One Plant (OVOP) scheme in the Bubaneshwar. Under the scheme the automobile showrooms will gift a plant to the car buyers on purchase of the new car. The objective of the scheme is to promote awareness about the pollution caused by the automobile and importance of trees. The scheme is expected to increase green cover in the state capital. Depending on the success of the scheme it will be expanded to other cities in the state.

According to the government, as the urbanization increasing rapidly, hundreds of trees have been cut every year. The car emissions along with reduced number of trees is causing increase in the temperature and heat. The cities must have more trees to fight this and hence car buyers will now need to plat a tree. They will be given a saplings each which they need to plant and take care. The transport department will tie up with NGOs which are working for the environment conservation. The saplings will be given to the automobile dealers every month and showrooms needs to bare the cost of the saplings. The car dealers needs to provide the letter saying that the sapling has been provided to the customer. This letter is required at the time of the registration. The customers will be given Champa, Baula, Neem, Pijuli and Mango trees along with the new vehicle. The customers are supposed to plant sapling in their backyard.

What is One Vehicle, One Plant (OVOP)? A transport department of Odisha government campaign for people who will buy a new vehicles. They need to plant a tree to conserve nature.

One Vehicle, One Plant (OVOP): Objectives

  • To reduce air pollution
  • To increases tree plantation
  • To create awareness about environment conservation

One Vehicle, One Plant (OVOP): Implementation & Highlights

  • The scheme will be launched soon
  • Transport department of Odisha government will  launch this scheme in the capital Bhubaneshwar to start with
  • Under this scheme, one sapling of a plant will be given to the buyer of a new vehicle
  • The government will work NGOs to provide saplings every month to the showrooms
  • The car dealers needs to submit the outh letter saying that the saplings are provided to the car buyers
  • The customer will be provided saplings of Champaa, Baula, Karanj, Neem, Pijuli and mango trees along with a new vehicle

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