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Plastic Buy-Back Scheme Maharashtra: Return plastic bottles, pouches & earn

Plastic Buy-Back Scheme Maharashtra Return plastic bottles, pouches & earn

The government of Maharashtra has announced Plastic Buy-Back Scheme. The scheme will be implemented from 11th July 2018 in the state. Under the scheme, plastics like PET bottles and milk pouches which are not banned under the recent plastic ban will be recycled. The government of Maharashtra has banned plastic in the state and levied hefty fine on the plastic. Many of the citizens and shop owners were fined under the recent platstic ban. PET bottles and milk pouches had limited restrictions and now government is planning to accept them back from the customers and recycle them.

To encourage citizens to return plastic bottles and milk pouches government has announced this Plastic Depository Buy-Back Scheme. Under the scheme the sellers will take back the plastic bottles and pouches and will pay for the the same to the customer. Based on the success of the scheme the government is planning to have similar mechanism for tetra packs and retail packaging in three months. As per 2018 notification regarding the manufacture, usage, sale, transport, handling and storage of plastic, it is mandatory for manufacturers to take responsibility for setting up collection and recycling infrastructure for plastics in Maharashtra.

What is Plastic Buy-Back Scheme? A government of Maharashtra scheme under which customers will get money on returning the PET bottles and milk pouches to retailers.

Plastic Buy-Back Scheme: Objectives

  • To protect the environment from plastic pollution
  • To reduce the use of plastic related items like bags, bottles and pouches
  • To encourage the use of cloths and papers bags
  • To recycle the essential plastic such as bottles and pouches
  • To create awareness about environment conservation

Plastic Buy-Back Scheme: Who can apply?

  • Any one in Maharashtra can return empty plastic bottles and pouches to the stores and get refund of their deposits

Plastic Depository Buy-Back Scheme: How to get refund on plastic bottles and pouches?

  • The price of the products sold is any kind of plastic include the cost of the plastic as well
  • Upon use return the bottle or pouch to the store where it was purchased
  • The store will refund the money

Plastic Buy-Back Scheme: Implementation & Highlights

  • Environment ministry of the government of Maharashtra will be implementing this scheme
  • Manufacturers should have to give the refundable charge on PTE bottles and milk pouches back to the customer
  • Customers should have to return PET bottles and milk pouches to retailers / store
  • The retailers would have to return money to the customers on deposit of the plastic
  • Collected plastic items should be recycled by manufacturers
  • Retailers name, code and buyback price should be marked on bottles and pouches
  • Refund proposed 50 paise for milk pouch, 1 rupee for 1 liter and above PET bottles and Rs 2 for 200 ml to 1 liter bottles
  • Less than 200 ml PET bottles banned

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