Pranam Pathshala Vidyalaya Uphar Yojana (PPVUY) Madhya Pradesh: a scheme to increase public participation in the development of government schools | Eligibility, Benefits, Implementation & How to apply?

The Government of Madhya Pradesh had launched the scheme Pranam Pathshala Vidyalaya Uphar Yojana in 2017. The scheme main purpose behind to fulfill the needs of government school. So for that the Govt of Madhya Pradesh had been started to implement this scheme.Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) fund also used for for this scheme.

What is Pranam Pathshala Vidyalaya Uphar Yojana(PPVUY)?

Under “Pranam Pathshala Vidyalaya Uphar Yojana” scheme, the school needs gifts that will be taken by the different communities. So for that, the schools have been asked to identify the requirements. Good schools will be given priority in this. For this, the Gram school program will be started.

Pranam Pathshala Vidyalaya Uphar Yojana(PPVUY): Objective

The main purpose of this scheme is to provide school or hostel facility to the schools or hostels as a form of gift or money from society for the development of schools so that better opportunities for learning in the school can be available

Pranam Pathshala Vidyalaya Uphar Yojana(PPVUY): Eligibility/Who can apply?

  • Lectures can apply.
  • Institutions can apply.
  • Any persons can apply.

Pranam Pathshala Vidyalaya Uphar Yojana: Benefits  

  • The physical development of school improves
  • The academic development of school improves.
  • To ensure better quality and developments of schools.
  • For constructions of additional classrooms.
  • For constructions of overhead tank in schools.
  • For constructions of development of sports ground.
  • For constructions of reconstruction of school building.
  • For constructions of development of the library and science laboratory.

Pranam Pathshala Vidyalaya Uphar Yojana: Implementation & Highlights

  • Under this scheme, last few month Rs 6,25,00,000 Crore has been collected trough public participation.
  • Under this scheme. Rs 500 Crore CSR fund available for state.

Pranam Pathshala Vidyalaya Uphar Yojana: How to Apply?

  The application procedure for the Gift giver who can give gift to schools or hostels

  • The Gift Giver will first provide your information by registering, after registering, the OTP will be received on the registered mobile and will be registered as soon as the OTP is registered and the form of the gift giving process will be available directly.
  • If you have already been registered in the past, then the gift form will be available directly.
  • Three options for gift will be available (material / cash/ land and infrastructure)
  • If you have selected a school / hostel for the gift, then the list is available for you to select. Or gift as per your own interests. Gift-holders can celebrate birthday / anniversary with children in the hostel.
  • After agreeing to give your gift, you will receive the message and will be entered on the portal list and the Education Department officials will contact you.
  • Content / cash / land and infrastructure will be available on the thank-you-portal portal after receiving gifts in the respective school / hostel, which you can download and print.
  • See the Proceedings of the Pranam Pathshala Vidyalaya Uphar Yojana.

More Details & References

Pranam Pathshala Vidyalaya Uphar Yojana.

Pranam Pathshala Vidyalaya Uphar Yojana Registering Form

Pranam Pathshala Vidyalaya Uphar Yojana Donation Form


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