Hamara Ghar, Hamara Vidyalaya Yojana, Madhya Pradesh

To enable the students to study at home with a proper routine like school

School Education Department, Madhya Pradesh launched a new scheme named Hamara Ghar Hamara Vidyalaya in the month of July. This scheme is mainly launched to avoid the hindrance in studies of the children. Current situation of pandemic has led to closure of schools, colleges and this has affected the studies of the students. Thus, school education department came up with a new scheme wherein the family members of the students will provide a proper place to the children to study. The aim is to create a school like environment at home where children can study without any disturbance. This scheme is for Class 1-12 students in the state.

Scheme Overview:

Scheme name: Hamara Ghar Hamara Vidyalaya
Launched Under: Madhya Pradesh Government
Implemented By: State School Education Department
Implemented On: July 6, 2020
Scheme Benefit: School-like environment at home for children to study without disturbance
Beneficiaries: Class 1-12 students in the state
Objective: To enable the students to study at home with a proper routine like school

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Objectives and Benefits:

  • The main objective of the scheme is to provide the students with of class 1-12 with a school-like environment at home
  • This scheme will enable regular study of students as per prescribed routine
  • Family members will provide students with a separate space for studying for at least 1 hour daily as [er the schedule
  • This scheme will enable a link of study active in the school children
  • Department has provided a timetable to make it easy for the parents to follow the schedule
  • Extra-curricular activities like yoga, story recitals, planting trees, etc will also be conducted on Saturday’s
  • This routine will be helpful in the holistic development of the children until schools reopen
  • Under this scheme, students will study as well as learn from the parents and elders to take care of the environment, plant trees, learn life skills, etc

Key Points:

  • Madhya Pradesh government has launched Hamara Ghar, Hamara Vidyalaya scheme for the students from Class 1 to Class 12 in the state
  • Scheme details were announced by Principal secretary of the school education department, Rashmi Arun Shami.
  • As schools are shut down since months due to the pandemic situations all over, the government is keen to keep the learning of school children going at a good pace.
  • Thus, this scheme is launched wherein a school-like environment is made at home by the parents and elders
  • Under the scheme, parents will provide a separate earning space for the students to study for 1-hour daily form Monday to Friday from 10 am – 1 pm
  • Entertainment activities will also be conducted on Saturday to ensure students are not bored
  • Yoga education will also be provided under the scheme to maintain the physical and mental health of the students
  • This scheme will cover the loss of studies and it will be whole new exciting experience for the students
  • Students will learn how to take care of the environment, plant trees, learn life skills, etc from the parents and elders
  • District education Officers and Project Coordinators visited the students at their homes to keep a check on the implementation of the scheme seriously
  • Contribution and active engagement of parents, elders and siblings is pivotal in the success of this scheme
  • The survey details of implementation of scheme is available on the portal @ educationportal.mp.gov.in
  • Class wise timetables and instruction for how and what to study daily are also available on the portal

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