Procedure to Renewal of Arms License in Madhya Pradesh / शस्त्र लाइसेंस के नवीकरण की प्रक्रिया

शस्त्र लाइसेंस के नवीकरण की प्रक्रिया (हिन्दी में)

A firearms license is a license or permits issued by a government authority (typically by the police) of a jurisdiction that allows the people to buy, own, possess, or carry a firearm. Firearms licenses are not required in all jurisdictions. The Government of Madhya Pradesh helps the people of the state for renewal of Arms License in a convenient way. Those Candidates in Madhya Pradesh state wanted to renew their Arm license they can easily renew their License by following certain procedures as mention bellows.

Eligibility for Application of Renewal of Arms License:

  1. Applicant should be Resident of Madhya Pradesh State

Required Documents:

  1. License fee as  prescribed
  2. Two copies of passport size photos
  3. Medical fitness certificate
  4. Arms training certificate
  5. Records relating to substantiate the Jurisdiction sought for in the application.
  6. T. C. copies (for crop protection)

Required Information for application of Renewal of Arms License:

  1. Name of Applicant
  2. Present and permanent address
  3. Date of birth, Age
  4. Occupation and Designation
  5. Whether the applicant has been:
  • Convicted – if so, (the offenses), the sentence and date of sentence
  • Ordered to execute a bond under chapter VIII of Cr. P. C. for keeping the peace or for good behavior – if so when and for what period
  • Prohibited under the Arms Act, 1959 or any other law from having the arms/ ammunition
  1. Whether the applicant applied for a license before – if so when to whom & with what result
  2. Whether the applicant’s license was ever suspended or canceled/ revoked if so, when and by whom and on what account
  3. Whether any other member of the applicant’s family is in possession of an arms licenses – if so particulars thereof.
  4. Whether the applicant :
  • Is a licensee or esteem if so, description of arms hold
  • Has a safe place for keep the arm
  • Particulars of Licence

Application Procedure:

  1. For issuing Renewal of Arms License Applicant should visit the official website of Madhya Pradesh Government:
  2. After that applicant will see the following Image
  3. After going on that site Applicant has to click on Renewal of Arms License certificate which is present under the Available facilities Section
  4. Post applicant will see the following image
  5. Then after Applicant can see Download application form option on the Upper right side of the image where applicant has to click for Renewal of Arms License form
  6. After getting the form, next need to fill it properly with all required and relevant details. Check all details in form after filling application form completely
  7. Now attach required and relevant documents with application form. All required are to be submitted with form
  8. When a completed application is received at collect-orate, it’s dispatched to S.P. office for police verification. After verifying details and making certain entries, it’s forwarded to applicant’s area’s police station
  9. At the police station, Thana In-charge is responsible for verifying address proof and other details for the authenticity of the applicant. Then forwarded to CSP of that area for further verification
  10. CSP remarks whether the applicant should be provided arms license or not. After CSP’s remark, it’s forwarded to S.P. office again
  11. At this stage applicant’s police verification at the general level is done. For criminal background check, it’s forwarded to DSB (District Special Branch)
  12. DSB checks for applicant’s criminal background and is reverted to S.P. office with report
  13. Now all reports are submitted to higher officials (ASP / SP) and final authority to approve/disapprove will be with SSP only. Once SSP approves an application its then application and a covering letter is send to ADM office, Collect-orate
  14. On receipt of the verified application, the license is released and the process is completed.
  15. Proceed to concerned authority office and submit your application with all required documents and fee charges to obtain caste certificate. The concerned officer verifies all details in form and documents. After all verification, he will issue Renewal of Arms License
  16. The department sends a notification on your registered mobile number or email id. If no notification is received then visit concerned office after prescribed time limit to collect Renewal of Arms License

Fee for the Renewal of Arms License:

  1. For Prohibited and N.P. Bore Revolver/Pistol 5,000
  2. For N.P. Bore Rifles 2,000
  3. For B.L. Guns 500
  4. For M.L. Guns 200

Contact details:

  • Regional ADM (Collector\Commissioner) office, Collect-orate
  • Applicants may approach the Office of the Deputy Commissioner

Application Form: 

References & details:

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