RD Sethna Scholarship for Studies in India & Abroad

RD Sethna Scholarship is one of the oldest Scholarship which was started in the year 1938. RD Sethna Scholarship Fund aims at granting loan scholarships to those students who are the citizens of India. Loan awards have been designed to enable students to get scientific, technical, industrial or commercial studies in India or overseas on the condition that all the amount has to repay with interest and on time given in the agreement. The RD Scholarship Fund is all about granting a loan to students whose parents cannot afford to pay fees of highly reputed colleges or institutes overseas or in India.

Benefits of the RD Sethna Scholarship:

  1. Once the application gets selected, the applicant will be getting a reward in the form of loan scholarship, and then he could easily pursue his studies overseas or within India.
  2. Once the application gets selected, the loan scholarships will be paid to the student in installments depending on the trustees by looking at the condition of each.

Required Eligibility and Conditions for RD Sethna Scholarship: 

  1. Academic Qualification: It is mandatory for an applicant to have passed at least secondary school certificate examination or any other equivalent examination.
  2. Minimum Qualifying Marks: He should have scored 50% or more than that of the total marks in his last examination which would make him eligible to apply for Rd Sethna Scholarship program.
  3. Guarantor for RD Sethna Scholarship
  • A guarantor is also needed for an applicant applying for a loan.
  • The Guarantor should be a male and have a minimum monthly income of Rs. 10,000 if giving a guarantee for a student applying for studies in India and Rs. 15,000 if applying for overseas education.
  • Must be a permanent resident of Mumbai.

Documents Required for Applying for RD Sethna Scholarship:

  1. Mark Sheets: Certified copies of the mark sheets secured by the student at every examination of secondary school or other equivalent examination.
  2. Letter of Admission: A single copy of the letter of admission to the particular college or institution at which applicant seeks to study.
  3. Salary Statement of Parents & Guarantor: Salary certificate or a copy of income tax assessment order of the parents and the person proposed as guarantor.
  4. Letter of Recommendation: Copies of testimonial or letters of recommendations given to the applicant must be attached.
  5. Passport Size Photograph

Application Procedure:

  1. The application form for R.D.Sethna loan scholarship can be obtained on request application sent to trust office in located in Mumbai. (Address is given in contact detail section)
  2. The request application for the application form must be accompanied by payment of Rs.50/- either by a postal order or by demand draft is drawn in favor of D. Sethna Scholarship Fund.
  3. The applicant must also send a self-addressed envelope of size: 23 cm x 10 cm with 10/- stamp affixed on it. Applicant must also indicate whether the scholarship application form is required for inland studies or overseas studies
  4. The filled-in application form in all respects along with the above-mentioned documents must be submitted at Trust’s office before the due date.
  5. Only successful applicants would be further informed and no intimation will be provided to rejected applicants in granting loan scholarships.
  6. The loan scholarships has to be availed within 6 weeks from the date they are stated to be required, if the applicant or his guarantor somehow fails to show up or could not complete the required formalities within 4 weeks then the loan shall be canceled without any prior notice

Contact Details:

  1. For more information applicant can contact the following person: Farrokh M. Rustomji – CEO, Esplanade House, 29 Hazarimal Somani Marg, Fort, Mumbai-400 001
  2. Phone: +9122 2207 7044
  3. Email-ID: office@rdsethnascholarships.org

References & Details:

  1. For more information regarding RD Sethna Scholarship visit: http://rdsethnascholarships.org/

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