SKYHack 2018 Chhattisgarh: create app for CH citizens & win upto Rs. 20,000 & smartphones | Hackathon challenges, schedule, registration at, awards & prices

The Inc36 initiative along with Government of Chhattisgarh has announced a competition called SKYHack 2018 to create a mobile app ecosystem in the state. The objective of the competition is to invite talented and innovative minds across the country to the Chhattisgarh and use their expertise in creating governance app to provide public services to the citizens of the state. It will also create awareness about digital literacy and simplify lives of the citizens.

What is the SKYHack 2018?

  • A competition by the Inc36 a Government of Chhattisgarh backed incubator
  • Students, youth and startups can participate in the competition
  • An opportunity to impact 50 lakh citizens in the state
  • Supported by the partner incubators, accelerators and mentorship programs of 36Inc, IAMAI, Mobile 10x and Headstart
  • An opportunity to be a part of the thriving startup ecosystem in the state along with visibility and 50 user base
  • Winners will be given cash prices and mobile phones
  • The SKYHack 2018 is primarily meant to promote Sanchar Kranti Yojana (SKY)

What is Sanchar Kranti Yojana?

A government of Chhattisgarh initiative to improve the telecom penetration across the state, to provide good governance, to increase digital literacy in the state and to promote use of digital tools to access government services. The government is distributing free mobile phones to citizens of the Chhattisgarh. The first phase is started and government has given free mobile phone to the students studying in the final year of their graduation courses.

Government has the target of distributing 50 lakh free cell phones. The government is also working on the stable and good internet connectivity for the citizens in all the remote areas, rural and urban areas in the state. Government is installing towers across the state under the scheme.

Along with SKY Sanchar Kranti with the help of SKHack 2018 government wants to create a ecosystem of mobile apps and website which will help people with:

  • Government information
  • Information about government schemes , jobs and scholarships
  • Good and effective governance
  • Doorstep delivery of government public services

SKYHack 2018: Hackathon Challenge 

There are 6 Hackathon Challenges in SKYHack 2018 which are as follows:

  • Hackathon Challenge 1: Ideas and tools to promote citizen centric governance. The outcome of the challenge should be tools / apps with which people of the state can provide real-time feedback on the government and will create a communication channel between citizens and government. The objective is to provide effective delivery of public services.  CLICK HERE to see detail information about Hackathon Challenge 1.
  • Hackathon Challenge 2: Maternal mortality rate in Chattisgarh’s  is 221 per lakh where as national average rate of 167 per lakh.  The outcome of the challenge 2 is to develop tools and apps to provide pre and post-natal preventive care? CLICK HERE to know more details about the challenge.
  • Hackathon Challenge 3: Information and response time is critical in case of natural disasters and calamities. The outcome of the challenge is to build system tools with which the information and alerts can be obtained and provided to the citizens in most effective and timely manners. The objective is minimize the damage to loss of life and property. CLICK HERE to get details of the challenge.
  • Hackathon Challenge 4: Government schemes, benefits, subsidies never reaches citizens mostly due to the unavailability of the easily accessible credible resource. The objective of the challange is to create tools which can provide information about the government schemes such as eligibility, benefits, how to apply etc so that citizens never miss out of any schemes and benefits are given to the deserving beneficiaries.  CLICK HERE to know more.
  • Hackathon Challenge 5: Thousands of the disabled people do not get critical care needed to cure disability. The challange is to identify people with disability early and proactively so that the necesary medical care can be provided to them. CLICK HERE for details.
  • Hackathon Challenge 6: Challenge is to create a effective platform to connect staff, medical professionals, field functionaries and farmer for veterinary development CLICK HERE to find more details about the challenge 6.

SKYHack 2018 Roadmap: Important Dates & Timelines

  • Registration Open on (Online registration for participating teams): 12th July 2018
  • Last date for Registrations: 28th July 2018
  • Submission Deadline (Last date for submission of PPTs): 31st July 2018
  • The announcement of round 1 evaluation result of winning teams: 9th August 2018
  • Final Round in Raipur (Shortlisted teams will be invited to pitch their solutions and demo their prototypes in Raipur): 27th August 2018
  • The announcement of Final Winners (Winners of every hackathon challenge will be announced on the same day): 27th August 2018

SKYHack 2018: Award & Prizes

  • Winner Team of Hackathon Challenge Prize: Rs 1.5 Lakh
  • Two Runners Up Team of Hackathon Challenge Prize: Rs 25000
  • Two Consolidation Prizes of Hackathon Challenge Prize: 3 SKY Smartphones Per Team

SKYHack 2018: Contact Details

  • 36Inc, 3rd Floor, City Centre Mall, Pandri, Raipur, Chattisgarh- 492001, India
  • Email:

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