Identified Crime Scheme (ICS) Haryana: to identify heinous and sensational crimes & expeditie them

Identified Crime Scheme (ICS) Haryana to identify heinous and sensational crimes & expeditie them

The government of Haryana has decided to launch the Identified Crime Scheme (ICS) in the state. The objective of the scheme is to identify and dispose off heinous and sensational crimes quickly. Under the scheme district and state levels committees will be formed to dispose of such type of cases and appropriate measures or remedies will be taken up. The Chief Minister Shree Manoharlal Khattar has given approval for the scheme.

The district level committees will be headed by the Deputy Commissioner. It will meet on first Thursday of every month to discuss all the cases and submit them to the state level committee for the review. The district level committee will include any other cases if occurs in the month. The state level committee will be responsible for making sure the cases proceedings are smooth, there is progress in all the cases, bottlenecks during investigation or trial are removed. A review of all the cases would be done by a state-level committee headed by the Additional Chief Secretary.

The state governments makes strict efforts to control the heinous and sensational crimes like dacoity, murder, terrorist activities, rape, gang rape, rape of small girls, kidnapping etc. The Chief Minister has announced the time frame for the investigation in cases of crime against women. In case, if the accused is found guilty and sentenced, then he would not be eligible to get facilities like old age pension, pension for the physically disabled person, driving and arm licenses.

 What is Identified Crime Scheme (ICS)? The government of Haryana scheme to identified heinous and sensational crimes and also to take strict action against them.

Identified Crime Scheme (ICS): Objectives

  • To identified heinous and sensational crimes
  • To take strict action against the criminals
  • To make sure that everyone is safe in the state

Identified Crime Scheme (ICS): Who can apply?

  • Victims of the crime of the state can apply

Identified Crime Scheme (ICS): Implementation & Highlights

  • The Haryana state government scheme
  • To detect and dispose off heinous and sensational crimes early
  • State and district level committees will set up
  • The district committee to be headed by deputy commissioner it will meet on first Tuesday of every month
  • State level committee will be headed by Additional Chief Secretary
  • District level committee to recommend cases to the state level committee
  • The State level committee to make sure the cases runs smoothly and bottleneck if any are removed

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