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Siliguri Jalpaiguri Development Authority (SJDA) Housing Scheme: houses & flats for medium and lower income groups

The Siliguri Jalpaiguri Development Authority (SJDA) has announced a housing scheme for the medium and lower income group. Under the scheme flats will be constructed near the North Bengal Medical College nad Hospital (NBMCH) in Siliguri. The announcement was made by the Chairman of SJDA Shri Sourav Chakraborty. The plan is to extend the Siliguri town, the new houses to be constructed is at the outskirts of the city.

Total 100 flats will be constructed under the scheme, out of them 60 flats will be for MIG  (Medium Income Group) and 40 flats will be constructed for Lower Income Group (LIG). The objective of the scheme is to provide houses for all. The scheme is supported under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY). The cost of the project is Rs 46 crore. The SJDA will also construct roads, drainage, beautify Siliguri town and its surroundings.

What is the Siliguri Jalpaiguri Development Authority (SJDA) Housing Scheme? The housing scheme by the SJDA to provide houses to the medium and low income groups.

Siliguri Jalpaiguri Development Authority (SJDA) Housing Scheme: Objective 

  • To provide the houses to all the people in the Siliguri and Jalpaiguri
  • To build the houses for the medium and lower income groups

Siliguri Jalpaiguri Development Authority (SJDA) Housing Scheme: Eligibility / Who can apply?

  • Medium and lower income group families
  • People who are residents of the West Bengal only can apply

Siliguri Jalpaiguri Development Authority (SJDA) Housing Scheme: How to apply?

The announcement of the scheme is just made. The application forms, dates to apply is not announced yet. This section will be update once the details are available with registration, online application form and step by step application procedure.

Siliguri Jalpaiguri Development Authority (SJDA) Housing Scheme: Implementation & Highlights 

  • SJDA will be constructing 100 flats in Siliguri and Jalpaiguri
  • Total 100 flats will be constructed
  • 60 flats are meant for MIG (middle income group)
  • 40 flats are meant for LIG (low income group)
  • The scheme is backed by the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana
  • A budget of Rs. 46 crore is allocated for the scheme
  • Roads and drainage too will be constructed
  • The SJDA will beautify the town as well
  • The SJDA will also build all the junctions outside civic body which includes Siliguri Mahakuma Parishad area and under Jalpaiguri  and also installed high mast lights in these locations
  • SJDA will develop ground and build the classrooms in New Hindi college campus at Hatighisha in Naxalbari block at the cost of Rs. 50 lakh

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